Heading Home…

Well… it had to happen eventually. Time to go home. I had such a great time, met so many interesting and cool people. Lots of stories to tell. This visit to the UK was really great and will be remembered. Everyone was so nice and took really good care of me. I really appreciate how so many people were so friendly and took the time out to make sure I had company and had a fun time.

Last night randeep, indeep and kiwi, rallied up the troops…and got everyone to come over to my house (mandip’s house) for a going away kirtan session. We played kirtan and did simran for hours. I thought ‘I was going to get to bed early…..but as usual…didn’t get there till after 2am. Well…once I get home I’ll be able to get back into my normal routine.

Alright…. I have a long flight home…so will catch up with more later. I can’t wait to see Arjan and Narayan’s smiling face. I miss them!

One Response to “Heading Home…”

  1. ghost says:

    Come back soon dude!!

    it was great having u over in the uk. we had a wicked time being in ur sangat.

    hope u werent too nakered..