2005 SSC Paranthathon

Stomach ache? They ended up running out of paranthas so couldn’t complete the competition that day.

4 Responses to “2005 SSC Paranthathon”

  1. Darsh KHALSA says:

    these guys r really hungry. they’ve proved that they r true punjabi guys :D. coz punjabi’s cant live without food and here v have a proof of it. but wot abt those who were dieting??????? :) believe me my mouth started watering when i saw u guys eating those paranthas. but one thing is sure those were not that tasty. if u wanna try the real stuff contact me i’ll tell my mom to cook some for u and i’ll parcel them to u. :) i know i m nice. well if u wanna contact me then u can do so and send me a mail on my email address. but i gotta say it u guys r kul may GOD bless u with all the gifts of nature and may u live ur full life with a sweet smile on ur face. remember u r not dress up completly without a smile.

  2. Apaar Singh says:

    Who won? and how many did they eat?

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    Parantha eating contest?
    As all my friends know, my stomach is a bottomless pit. If I go to this camp, they better make twice as many paranthay!

  4. ghost says:

    did u get any video footage of the yoghurt fight?