Khalsa Camp – England

Well, I’m finally able to get a few minutes to start posting some stuff on the blog. It’s been a pretty non-stop week since I arrived. I got my first long stretch of sleep last night, and am feeling much more rested. I’ve met so many people and it can be quite draining to talk a lot.

When I got to England my friend Mandip Singh picked me up and we drove 4.5 hours straight up to northern England. I didn’t really get any sleep on the flight so I slept a little in the back seat.

I was so tired and was schedule to speak to the camp that day. In the end it all went great. I just bowed to the Guru before and left it up to him to flow however it was supposed to flow.

Khalsa camp was great. We would get up around 3AM and do simran and banis. The camp was very focused on banis and simran as the core part of Sikhi lifestyle. We would have a similar gurdwara in the evening also. During the day we had various workshops and lectures about Gurbani and Sikhi.

I don’t understand Gurbani much, so there was a lot to learn. I enjoyed learning and sharing with my English brothers and sisters. There were some really great people there at camp.

I was only at the camp for the first couple days so didn’t have a chance to really get into the flow of the camp. I loved doing the afternoon sports, and one day taught some of the campers how to play Ultimate Frisbee, which was a lot of fun for them.

When we were playing soccer it was so funny hearing some of the guys shouting “singh, singh, singh”. Basically, whoever had the ball was “THE” singh. Since most of the players were Singhs it was funny.

On tuesday night I left the camp with Mandip to head for the Sikh Student Camp in Chiwell. I didn’t take many pictures at all so don’t have much to share. I was so involved with the activities.

Ok…more to come later….Ashvinder is waiting to use the computer.

One Response to “Khalsa Camp – England”

  1. Varinder says:

    Hi Gurumustuk! Nice to know your back. Did you attend the ‘Guru Gobind Singh Khalsa College. Chigwell’ camp?
    I was over there on Monday morning where I met Shiv Charan Singh for the first time to discuss his project. I was asking everyone if you were there. :D

    I did attend the camp in 1999 and found it really really refreshing. I had never woken up so early to pray in my whole life. And expecially those cold showers that they make you do.