Ready for the Day…

Well… another day has come and I really am ready to get on the plane and fly to England; so… God… make it a smooth and speedy trip :) I really don’t want to be on the blog later writing how I missed the connection in Minneapolis to London. I’m sure it will go fine though.

I stayed the night with my friend Hari Mandir Jot Singh (Chardi Kala Jatha) who lives in Albuquerque when he is not in India. It’s nice having friends all over. He treated me to some really yummy Thai food from “Thai Ginger“.

After all the email requests of people wanting to contact CK Jatha and get more Kirtan, I started working on a blog/website for Chardikala Jatha. It will be great for them to be able to share their travels and Kirtan. I’ll try to get some more MP3 files from Hari Mandir Jot today. When I get back from UK I’ll work on it some more and let you all know when it is up.

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