Hanging out with Guru Ganesha Singh (Spirit Voyage Music) and talking about him and Snatam Kaur touring around the world.

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  1. How can you call yourself a Guru while being a Singh. The Sikhs believe in 11 Gurus only, the 11th being the Almighty Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    No one has the right to call themselves or title themselves as a Guru.

  2. Gurinder says:

    why does you Name begins with Gur- which is short form of Guru. Then Who gave you the right to Call yourself Gur-winder?

    So, Don’t be bitter on yourself, relax!

  3. Gurinder says:

    This what Guru Gobind Singh ji Wrote for Khalsa and portrays the Khalsa as his highest love:

    Khalsa is the breath of my body,
    Khalsa is the very soul of my life,
    Khalsa is my real pride and glory,
    Khalsa is my own personal self,
    Khalsa is my life’s sustainer,
    Khalsa is my body and breath,
    Khalsa is my creed and karma,
    Khalsa is my conscience keeper,
    Khalsa is my perfect satguru,
    Khalsa is my brave friend,
    Khalsa gives me intellect and wisdom,
    Khalsa is my object of meditation.


  4. Jaspal says:

    Gurwinder you clearly have not read Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji properly.

    You have failed to understand the message of Guru Ji.

    Slandering people will not help your sorry cause.

    Please get lost and don’t find your way back.