My Wife “Dr Arjan”

In case many of you didn’t already know; my wife is a Chiropractor. And works at GRD Health Center (“GRD” short for Guru Ram Das), with other alternative health care providers from our community (Acupuncturists, Massage, Counseling, etc.). They work really hard to help people with all kinds of ailments and educate people about their body and being healthier.

Most people are so trained by society to treat their symptoms (headaches, pains, sicknesses, etc) rather than looking at the body as a whole and treating the causes. Many doctors these days pretty much just push drugs as a solution to people’s ailments. Much of the time with little or no lasting results. Think about it. When you have a headache, most people will quickly grab the “pill” of choice to get rid of the pain. When you get a flu/cold… you take the drug to deal with the stuffy nose and other symptoms. Everyone want’s a quick fix. There is a pill for everything these days. The drugs do work as intended, but many times just “mask” the problem. When you get a headache it is your body’s way of communicating to you that you need to relax or make a change. Instead…you take the pill…and keep going. Tired….? Grab some more coffee/tea and keep going.

We all should take the time to take care of our bodies. Just as a car needs regular service, so do you. If you take care of your car…it will run smoothly for many years. Same with your body. There is much you can do to take care of yourself in a preventive way…rather than waiting till you have problems with your body. If you have health problems and are not getting relief from standard medical doctors, I encourage you to try some alternatives.

Arjan was telling me about one of her patients that had been going to doctors for over 10 years trying to get rid of a loud ringing sound that he had in his ears. The doctors just pretty much said there was nothing that could be done. Arjan did some Craniosacral therapy on him and on the second visit the ringing in his ears was gone. Some things take time to get relief on and others (like this example) it was really quick. When I get a headache (on rare occasions) Arjan adjusts my neck and almost instantly my headache is gone. It’s pretty cool having a healer as a wife (I do have to make appointments though to see her :). It’s too hard at home.

So…enough said for now. If you have not tried any alternative health care, I suggest that you give it a try. I normally make an appointment with my wife Arjan to get a Chiropractic adjustment and then get some acupuncture. I also try to get a massage from time to time, which really helps me with my tension and stress. All those hours on the computer really does stress your body.

If you do come to Espanola, please do come and visit GRD Health Center. They have a lot to offer.

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  1. pyari_sima says:

    I am a homeopath myself so I totally agree with praji Gurumustuk. There are safer and more effective options out there.
    Our body is our “temple”, gifted by nature. We need to give it more respect by taking good care of it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    homeopathy is a pseudoscience and there is no scientific evidency for its principles.Various randomised clinical trials have shown that homeopathic medicine is no better than a placebo(sugar pill)

  3. There is much that science cannot prove or understand right now. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. There is much to be understood in this world. If you look back historically you will see how it takes time for us to understand many things which don’t seem possible or proveable.

    I have found that with my son Homeopathy works very well. We have had high fevers literally break within minutes after giving a homeopathic remedy.

    Have any of you seen the movie “What the Bleep!“? There are some very interesting things which they talk about and really makes you think about life and this world.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is an anecdotal evidence and is often biased,only true test is a randomised clinical trial which homeopathy has failed many times.The problem comes when homeopathy claims that it is based on sound scientific principles which is not true at all,it is mostly based on faith and obviously people are free to believe in faith but do NOT equate it to a well tested and reliable scientific medical system.

  5. I don’t know enough about homeopathy to really debate on it’s scientific principles.

    I am a very skeptical person and like to understand and not do things which seem bogus.

    I personally haven’t benefited much from Homeopathy… but when my son was a baby (and even now) we did notice major effects. A baby doesn’t even know what it is…so I don’t think the “faith” part works in this situation.

    Life and our bodies are very complex. It is not just about physical things. There are much deeper levels of mental, emotional, energetic, etc. Science cannot explain and relate this deep. Just because we cannot prove or understand something doesn’t mean it cannot be true.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree that Homeopathy medicine has not been proven to be the Modality for alignments…

    But most important thing is what the patient believes in. We need to learn to respect patients beliefs. However, at the same time provide information to them, so that they can make their own decision.

    However, Chiropractic therapy really works for PAINS. I remember that during my school years I had terrible shoulder pain and I was taking pain meds for few days, but the pain was getting worse. I knew one of the student was learning chiropactic medicine, and he gave me ONE TREATMENT during the break time. I could not believe that Pain vanished!!! I stopped taking meds.


  7. Anonymous says:

    i just want to add that clinical trial is when you just compare homeopathic drug to placebo and see if it makes a difference when you dont know which one of two are you taking,so its a simple way to check its is not meant to understand complex phenomenon of our human body and how different meds work,so it is just checking whether its working or not under unbiased conditions and its not a very complicated stuff.
    anyway enough of it i guess,people have quite strong views on health and hard to change them many a times

  8. I was not saying that this is right or wrong.. just trying to leave our minds open to the possibility.

    From what I do know of homeopath it is totally based on symptoms, so giving a remedy when you don’t have the symptoms nothing will happen. In my experience when Narayan had fevers…some of the times we wouldn’t get results from a specific remedy… untill his symptoms changed. Then… *bang* it worked.

  9. Prabhu Singh says:

    Homeopaths don’t need to run clinical trials because they already know the stuff works. All clinical trials trying to “disprove homeopathy” are sponsored by big drug companies. Do I need to say more? They care about greed not science not health.

  10. isingh says:

    i want to parse and concat (a programmer’s terms) what Gurumustak said in his first response here…to come up with my response…

    i’m also a skeptical person and homeopathic hasn’t worked for me either. but right down the hall from me is an intelligent person (the only way i can tell that he’s intelligent is by the way he interacts with me and others and his job title) who carries a bottle of white pills for his aches and pains (because he’s a black belt in Karate and gets hurt sometimes) instead of motrin or whatever…

    I have chronic back pain but it really hurts after i’ve played some basketball and one day he told me about these pills and i said sure…and he prefaced it with “they work instantly in about 20 seconds”…well my pain didn’t go away…

    there’re more instances where i’ve seen it work as well…

    on a side note there’s definitely a relationship between belief(skepticism) and effect of a medicine.

    it is totally possible that a person can will him/herself to not get sick…case in point the Monks that meditate in below zero with nothing on but a thin piece of cloth…and they did do scientific studies on them with all the electrodes and stuff hooked up to their brains and found that there IS a difference between their brain (waves more gamma waves or something) than other “normal” subjects…

    and as far as the science and clinical studies goes…there’s a definite conflict of interest in a pharmaciutical company/”health care companies” doing some study on alternative medicine!

    ps…i take two motrins everytime my head hurts. i know the cause of it. it’s caused by fluctuation of caffiene intake…i only drink tea(9am and 2pm)…if i’m off by 30 minutes…i get a headache…i have quit but came back to it…for no good reason than to just have something to do:)…and the headaches used to be much worse when i used to drink coffee.

  11. isingh says:

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  12. Anonymous says:

    to suggest all clinical trials are sponsored by drug companies and those who do research are advocates of that is complete bull shit.
    has anyone of you ever read a medical journal to make that statement.all papers carry infomation regarding who are they funded from and any conflict of interest.
    ps Clinical trials also from time to time show side effects of drugs from major pharm companies and recommend to ban them…viooxx,celebrex,bextra to name a few

  13. Bhupinder Singh says:

    “to suggest all clinical trials are sponsored by drug companies and those who do research are advocates of that is complete bull shit.”

    I don’t agree with your above statement. My friend works for prestegious R&D lab in australia where they’ve cure for diabetes but they won’t go into making those pills as the current available methods generate billions of dollars from diabetics. Your claim about various banned drugs after clinical trials doesn’t makes sense to me as they already made alot of $$$ prior to the ban, not to mention the side effects.

    Its more like fix one hole and make 5 more to be repaired by other medicenes.

  14. isingh says:

    why isn’t marijuana legal for medicinal purposes then? why doesn’t medical journals press the pharms on that??? what are in the meds? holy water? you mean there is stuff in those meds that grows in nature in abundance??? HAH *shocked* …you mean it could be bought for say 1000000 times cheaper…but the only thing that makes them expensive is because someone has to pay for those high tuition for medschools? :)))(i kid…i had to get that in there somehow…it was a stretch i know LOL!:))

    how many years did it take for them to get rid of viox? how many years is it going to take for them to get rid of prozac? viagra? to name a few! puhlease! you mean after they’ve made their billions?

    nah! they (the “medical community”) has our best interest in their heart. why should we ever question the SCIENCE!

  15. isingh says:

    and now Bhupinder stole my “thunder”…! darn! LOL!

    i guess i’m too slow…

  16. Anonymous says:

    We need to understand that Lot of drugs these days do come from plants. The active compound is isolated then it is synthesized in the lab exactly the way it occurs naturally. This how the Meds we take are made.
    Water is H2O which occurs in this form naturally; therefore, water can made in the lab by combining two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen, this water is ALSO NATURAL. Because natural elements were used…

    Again, Hemeopathic medicine HAS FAILED TO SHOW CLINICAL EVIDENCE THAT IT WORKS! Now what part we Dont understand?


  17. Prabhu Singh says:

    For those who have said that homeopathy have failed clinical studies please read the folliwng URL:
    Read the facts about the “False” clinical trials at:
    Why does somebody like me who has never used allopathy except in extreme cases such as the need for anesthesia, need clinical trials? If I’ve been cured by homeopathy my whole life why do I need any more evidence? I’m not a slave to drug companies, in fact they’ve never receieved a penny from me (except from my taxes, because of our criminal medicare system).
    For those who don’t believe in homeopathy, why do you feel so strongly against those who use it? Why not just dismiss us as quacks? Is your money invested in the drug companies? I’m not attacking those who use drugs to solve/mask their problems. I simply don’t agree with it.
    Within a broader perspective, what does “modern science” know about the body any way? Yogis have been masters of their own bodies for centuries and “modern medicine” can’t even cure the common cold.

  18. Anonymous says:

    all these comments look like anti establishment as world is a big conspiracy and everyone is going to get you….

  19. isingh says:

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  20. isingh says:

    But Scully, the truth is out there!


    sorry gurumustak, i had to refine my post!! :)

  21. that is very nice to cure without many drugs good job keep up the good work

  22. Anonymous says:

    It seems like that Everyone is taking it personally!! I thought we have the ability to discuss these kind of issues in a MORE CIVILIZED MANNER! Guess what ? IF it makes you feel better THEN I’M WRONG! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!
    Next time when you Need emergency medicine, Please do yourself a favor and go the YOGIS…..
    I totally put off, the way the people are attacking others.

    Where is our Peace loving nature!!! ITs just mere words nothing else!


  23. isingh says:

    Gurinder, i thought everyone was being civil! only exception was someone using the word BS…if you don’t like me injecting some “humor” and sarcasm into the debate. i’m sorry.

    it’s all good. i still like you. i don’t know about prabhu though. he’s a quack anyway! :) c’mon someone who claims to have never taken a tylenol in his life? not even children’s tylenol? and how would you know that prabhu? huh? (just playing prabhu!) :)

    the bottom line is Gurumustak is a lucky you know what!!! free massages! free balancing! free accupuncture! free massages! free healthcare! free massages!

  24. Anonymous says:


    Please continue with your humor! I’m sorry it was not directed towards to you.

    I also apologize if I have caused pain to anyone by posting my view.

    We need to separate religion, and spirtuality from science! Because of science, human beings have made so many advances, it could be in computer science, engineering, medicine etc. However, Science is the channel to understand the laws of nature, so our future generations can benefit from it.

    Unfortunately, humans are lagging behind in spirtuality! why do we think that the little pond is the entire universe!

    I respect people about their choices of remedy, but we should not slander anyone to make our point of view. ( I’m not making this statement to you Isingh ji)
    just a general statement.


  25. Prabhu Singh says:

    Yep I’ve never taken tylenol in my whole life. I don’t generally think of myself as a quack but I don’t mind if others do. I did not attack anybody. I simply asked why people feel so strongly against other people’s way of doing things, or strongly in favor of drug companies.
    I’m not anti-establishment, I’m anti corruption, which is undeniably rampant in the modern world. People seem to celebrate corruption, depravity, and un-natural living in the Kali Yug.
    I never suggested going to yogis, I even mentioned that I’ve had anesthesia.
    Gurinder answered my question nicely about what modern science knows about the body. They certainly know emergency medicine and surgeries very well.
    I think a fine balance is very nice. If anybody cares, my personal approach is to never take drugs unless it’s an emergency. I don’t generally drink caffeinated drinks either. I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and stay away from processed foods.
    I feel pretty healthy. I was a gymnast for 15 years and trained with several olympic athletes. I then went into weight lifting and went very far statistically (I never competed). Now I just lift weights for general strength and I play a lot of ultimate frisbee. I love doing physical activities like court and field sports, skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, biking, hiking, and everything else that is exciting and fun. I’ve found a way of living that supports my lifestyle. I haven’t been sick in years and when I’m injured playing sports I generally recover pretty fast.
    For me personally I feel that it is my duty as a Sikh to train my body and keep in my best physical and mental state.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I just thought I’d throw this out there. Science also thought the world was round. It is not fool proof. Also science these days if often dictated by the dollar and is unfortunately more political then it should be. Everything is lobied these days. Here only a “drug” can cure something. And something can only be labeled a drug if the FDA approves it. And unfortunately the FDA is in big business’s pocket through lobying. Plus how can you make money if the cure was natural, easy to find and cheap.

    I am not a person thats ever really been sick or in a hospitol for that matter but I also see the value in Modern science. Painkillers, Surgery and the like have benifitted many.
    I believe both forms of medicine work and that most of it is through belief. And that is why Monks, Yogis and the like are able to self heal & use herbs for their health. Lcsk

  27. xSHANTIx says:

    all hail the homeopaths and God bless your wife Gurumustuk, i am hopefully training to be a holistic health therapist..those who argue it doesnt work, i say open your mind and give it a try and if you dont agree then thats fine….but try it before you turn away, you may just find that one of the treatments will change your life. SAT NAM xx

  28. Anonymous says:

    Prabhu singh,

    That’s great that you watch what you eat and also do lot of activities, that is the best way of prevention for lot of diseases. When we are young our body’s immune system is stronger, our body has the ability to heal faster, metabolism is high and so on….

    It is important to know that emergency medicine evolved from the understanding of internal medicine and Surgery and lot of reasearch went behind it.

    If you LOVE homeopathy, more power to you! But may you never get sick.

    we need to understand Biostatics, and other hardcore sciences before we can make conculsions regarding the articles. it could be from any source, homeopathy or allopathy or selfpathy, yogipathy… .


  29. Jaspal says:


    Calm down, this is a Blog not your fighting ground.

    Whats your beef with Homeopathy?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for reminding me.
    those are my personal views regarding this issue, may not be at your wavelength.
    I think we have the right to agree or disagree….


  31. Anonymous says:

    ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur parsaad
    One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified.
    No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent.

  32. Mahi says:

    I partially agree with Gurinder and with everybody else. I study biostastics and So I think it is very important to see the credibility on a particular study. However, people still have right to choose what they think is right for them.

  33. Gurmustuk singh ji could you please ask you wife what could be the reason of having pains in the shoulders and neck.
    And actaully the pain also goes into the head too.