Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Here are a few older tracks of Chardikala Jatha from 2003. I recorded these during the Summer Solstice Camp near Espanola, NM. On the last night of camp we have an all night Rensubai Kirtan. Everyone comes from their tents to the huge shelter which is converted into the Gurdwara. We sleep to the blissfull sounds of the Sangat playing Gurbani all night till the early hours of the morning when the normal daily Sadhana starts.

When you listen to the below tracks you will hear the echoing of the voices reverberating around the Shelter. It creates a very meditative mood. Every year the Chardikala Jatha get’s better and better. I can always tell how much they improve every year. So…if there are some mistakes just know…it was from a few years ago. In case you didn’t know, they are pretty young (24-30 years old). They teach, live, and study Gurbani in Amritsar, India.

The first picture above is from 2003 when they were playing at the Rensubai Kirtan. The second is of them playing kirtan with Hari Bhajan Kaur, during one of the Gurdwaras that year at the camp.

Music by: Chardikala Jatha (Harimandir Jot Singh, Sada Sat Simran Singh, Jugat Guru Singh)

  1. Man Too Jot Saruup Hai (27MB) – Evening Rensubai Kirtan at Summer Solstice Camp
  2. Mayra Man Sadh Jana (24MB) – Evening Rensubai Kirtan at Summer Solstice Camp
  3. Deh Shiva (21MB) – Sunday Gurdwara at Summer Solstice Camp

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12 Responses to “Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick”

  1. Jaspal says:

    Thats a very sweet picture of the sangat.

    You can feel that something special is happening.

  2. Sat Nam.

    It has been a blessing each time to bring out Cherdi Kala Jetha to Singapore. The first time i mentioned them the local leaders had a hard time fathom that the American Sikhs can do good Kirtan.
    And boy were thay wrong.

    We brought them out for our Camp Miri Piri 2004 in Singapore.Cherdi Kala Jetha did Kirtan Regularly shared on Sikh Dharma,taught Kundalini Yoga and Shastar Vidiya and physical Training.The participants of the camp had a deep and powerful experince.

    From this camp they were invited to the Malaysian Camp(Samelan
    )run by Naujawan Sabha of Malaysia.Cherdi Kala rocked there again and the 1000 participants had a great experince.

    Naujawan Sabha then invited them for their Kirtan Semagam at Cheras and Cherdi Kala Jetha were given prime time along with Bhai Naranjan Singh(Jwadi Kala) and famous ragis.Cherdi Kala Jetha rocked.

    Next year we are bringing them back for our Camp Miri Piri 2005.Cherdi Kala Jetha and Shanti Kaur Khalsa will be teaching at Camp Miri Piri 2005 in Singapore.

    Do not miss out on this powerful experince. For details you can email us at [email protected]

    Camp Miri Piri 2005 will be from June the 1st-5th.

    Humbly yours,

    Rajveer Singh Khalsa.
    House of Guru Ram Das ji.

  3. surely you mean 2006 Rajveer Singh Ji?

  4. Gurpreet says:

    Gurumustuk Singh ji,

    Does the Cherdi Kala Jatha make trips to other Gurudawara’s in the U.S.? If so, how can I bring them to California for a visit at my local Gurudawara?

  5. Yes…rajvir Singh meant 2006 for the Camp Miri Piri.

    Gurpreet: I don’t know what their schedule is for travel. I think they are going back to India shortly. Currently their focus is not on touring but on teaching at Miri Piri Academy and Studying Gurbani Kirtan.

  6. isingh says:

    WOW!!!WAHO!!! i just heard #2.
    my review:
    Chills down the spine,
    striking the unstruck within my body,
    i sat still while the atoms in my body danced in a “cosmic” dance,
    could not wait to hear…felt like eons until the next “DHUM”…

    it may sound silly but even if you don’t like Kirtan or “traditional” music you have to hear this track and i dare you to tell me you didn’t feel anything.

    my only question is that if that Shabad is usually sung this way?

    does anyone have a complete/better copy of this?

    Thanks Gurumustak!

  7. FYI: There is one point in the track 2 (Mayra Man Sadh Jana) when the power went out and there is a brief silence.

  8. Gurpreet says:

    Thanks for the info. Gurumustuk Singh Ji.

  9. isingh says:

    the power goes out at 2:23-24 mark…i was also refering to the brothers concluding and it seemed like they didn’t finish before the recording got cut off.

    but here’s a link to the Shabad (if someone’s interested) and it’s translation:

  10. The shabad gets a little cut at the end… but it is pretty much finished. I think it got cut a few seconds short.

  11. Camp Miri Piri 2006 in Singapore.

    Sikh Dharma teachings,spirit of Khalsa, shastar vidiya workshop by Cherdi Kala Jetha,kundalini yoga,swimming,women workshop by Shanti, powerful workshops and physical training in the morning after Sadhana.

    Cherdi Kala Jetha, Shanti Kaur Khalsa and Giani Mahinder Singh Khalsa from Kuala Lumpur.

    June the 1st- 6th.

    For details contact:[email protected]

  12. isingh says:

    Can anyone tell me what the BPM(beats per minute) is on track 2…
    Guruka ji?