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During my 11 years in India I took quite a few pictures of the Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) and other Sikh related things. I used to get people asking me all the time how they could order copies. I eventually decided to setup an easy way to make some of my photography available online to purchase, so that it didn’t take a lot of my time.

I started with a gallery of my photos but then the project grew. I realized that there were not many places you could see Sikh related art online. There did not seem to be a lot of support to artists who created Sikh art in this modern time (partly because of the stigma and association with idol worship). I decided that I wanted to help feature other Sikh artists and show their work; In hopes that it would encourage others who are artistic to use their creativity to make inspirational works of art.

Art is an expression and can be very beautiful and inspiring. We should encourage it and support those who are artistic. Art can come in many different forms (not just paintings/pictures). In the times of the Guru’s there many talented artisans. These days they seem scarce, or at least use that creative energy in other ways.

I get frustrated when I am in India and see some of the art in the Gurdwaras that is not treasured. In the Baba Attal Sahib Gurdwarain Amritsar (just next to the Golden Temple) there were some really beautiful old fresco paintings on the ceiling and walls of the first and second floor. I took pictures of them all years ago and in my recent visits I was sad to see how they had deteriorated. The paintings on the first floor were totally trashed (removed) and are no longer there. In there place are cheap white bath tiles with Khanda on them. Definitely 100’s of steps backwards artistically. There are still some paintings on the second floor, but they are in bad condition. Worse every visit I see them. What to be done? I guess we need to train the Gurdwara management to treasure and take care of this art. It’s our heritage and history.

If you are an artist and have modern Sikh related art (or know someone else who does) I would love to see some of it…and possibly have you as part of the gallery.

If you want to look/purchase photo prints of Sikh Art/photos, visit the web gallery at:

Ps. Coming soon! Some new beautiful original oil paintings of the Golden Temple on canvas, based on some of my photography. The first one is pictured to the left. I’ll be selling the original 24"x36" inch oil painting and then a limited number of Giclée canvas prints (which will look almost identical). If you are interested contact me and I will let you know of the pricing and availability (probably at the beginning of Sept. when I get back from the UK).

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  1. Veerji,

    I agree. We need to do a much better job promoting the arts. I think our community needs to stop pushing kids into medicine/law. We need to expand into fields such as film etc.

  2. Jaspal says:

    We are buying a new home soon, so Mr GSK you shall be called upon when I start buying pictures. haha

  3. SMKaur92 says:

    I agree your pictures are fantastic! Keep up the great work.

  4. BCSikhYouth says:

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa,
    Vaheguru ji ki fatheh!

    Fully agree with your post and the comments provided above.

    Sikh youth need to be encouraged to participate in writing, drawing, sketching, painting, and doing other artistic activities to express themselves and to help preserve Sikh cultural heritage.

    Thanks for the post.

    the Sikh Youth of BC
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  5. rupinder pal singh gill says:

    hi gill hear .it is a nice to see all photos .$ lituratureok buy…………..

  6. Pavan says:

    I am desperately looking for sikh paintings that are contemporary. i am an artist and have done a few sikh paintings – not the historical ones but still ife and modern ones showing sikh people in every day tasks like praying and posing etc.
    pl tell me if you know any such artist anywhere in the world. Would to see their work – even photographers most welcome – I am looking for inspiration on subject matter.

  7. Manjit says:

    I am interested into any original relic, painting or any such item that relates to our Gurus or to our Sikh History.

    It would be a wonderful DEED on your part if you can create a seperate site or page to display all such relics.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh.


  8. SK says:

    Hi Manjit

    You might find the content of this site useful if you seeking the information on wider sikh domains.


  9. Gurjinder Singh Khurana says:

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    Puer Sikh Kaum nu eh benti hai ji kirpa karke E.T.C Channel te Gubani de bad Nanga Naach Band Karwa deo
    Kyun eh bahut galat news ja rai we saarayan te
    kyun ki Amrit wele gurbani Wich te Sham nu Gurbani wich jeda wi add dende ne oh nanga naach honda.

    Eh guru Maharaj ji di Bedbi hai
    hor kise channel te nahi hai aisa
    oh chahe Astha or Qtv muslim channel

    kirpa karo sare

    benti suno

    papaer wich deo

  10. neeru singh says:

    dear sir,
             I sincerely feel that somethng really needs to be done to save heritage of the gurudwaras.I have contemporary painting on gurbani.i could mail the picture if required

  11. I am not sure if you have ever heard of DeviantART, but its a pretty cool site where people can upload and showcase their artworks.

    I myself have been on DeviantART for a while now. My site can be found at

    Including how hundreds of thousands of people are on DeviantART I was shocked at how few Sikh artists are on there. So I had set up a art group called loveSIKHI ( to showcase Sikh artists and arts related to the theme. It is a group open to all and indeed most the members are non Sikhs who have visited Punjab, and particularly Amritsar. Siri Hari Mandir Sahib is probably the most popular subject among the artworks in the groups gallery (from its few members).

    The main reason I am posting on here is to ask people to come make a account on and upload some of your artworks. It would really make me happy to see a pool of talent from our community on there. I would love for you guys and girls to become a member of the loveSIKHI art group. If you do join, please visit my personal page so I can greet you.

    Gurmustak Singh Khalsa ji, I understand you are a keen photgrapher. It would be great if you can upload some of your works on DeviantART. You can make them available as prints which in turn could help support Sikhnet financially. If you know of any other artists, be they of whatever denomination, please invite them to DeviantART and a personal and warm invite to the loveSIKHI art group.

    Ranvir Singh Bassi

  12. happy singh says:

    i m happy singh this penting is verry very sweet

  13. Nanaki says:

    Beautiful paintings!!
    Yeah…there aren’t too many other Sikhs on Deviantart.
    I’m goingt to try posting some of my SIkh art online…It might take some though.

  14. Suki Clayer says:

    i am interested in getting some good quality but contemp[orary canvas paintings ideally of guru nanak Dev ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the golden temple. the painting above is very good and would be interested in contacts who or yourself for some paintings i would like for my new house.

    our next door neighbour did a fanrtastic paining of Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh Ji from some pictures we gave him and he did a fantastic job. he has done one fro m my sister as a wedding present although not yet seen or given to my sister, but i feel uncomfortable asking him to do me one too.

    keep up the good work.


  15. barinder says:

    nice work

  16. Pinky says:

    I think its fantastic that you have created your own website illustrating your beautiful art work. We need loads more inspirational artists like you.