Poem on Commitment

by Guru Tej Singh Khalsa

Commitment is the Answer!
Commitment is the Life!
Commitment is the Lover,
Commitment is the Wife!

Without Commitment Love would be lost.
Commitment is the payment,
And commitment the cost.

Love is the power
That makes Saints of men.
Commitment is the reason
The Saints never bend.

Duty is my Sovereign,
Dharma my Banner.
Meditation, my Origin,
And Sadhana my Hammer.

Life is for growing,
God is for loving,
Love is for knowing
Commitment is the Answer!

4 Responses to “Poem on Commitment”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Poem, Nice Words.

  2. Anonymous says:

    iv always been told, that in-order to progress in your sikhi you need discipline.

    Why then, even after knowing, can’t i maintain any form of discipline?

  3. Beautiful poem. Guru Tej Singh Khalsa hope to see you in Singapore soon. Sat Nam.

  4. Beautiful Poem indeed

    made my day


    Satnam Waheguru