The Jemez Hot Springs

Here we are at the hot springs. There are two pool of the springs to sit in. These are natural hot springs that are just on the side of the mountain in Jemez. It’s about 1.5 hours from Espanola. Jemez is a great place to go hiking and be in the wilderness.

It was so much fun just sitting in the springs as the rain was pouring down on us; Watching the clouds roll over the hills. The rainy weather made it all more adventurous and fun!

After finishing in the springs my clothes were totally wet from the rain…so I was “soggy” the rest of the day. We went to the town of Jemez after and filled our tummies with yummy food at the Laughing Lizard restuarant. Topped off with some great desserts (pie and ice cream, carrot cake, etc).

4 Responses to “The Jemez Hot Springs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am soooo jealous with envy while i spend the whole weekend couped up inside cuz it’s tooooo darn humid and hot outside!
    but i’m glad you guys had fun. and it looks really fun. :)

  2. That’s So Cool, i mean hot , i mean Cool, haha you know what i mean.

    That’s a killer view


  3. Kiran says:


    how do? its looks well cool, i so wanna come visit now.

    Dear Indy the Piper, i wanted to ask wer abouts are you from? you look strangley familiar…..


    ps its 25* in London this afternoon.

  4. Dear Kiran Ji

    i am from Kuala Lumpur