Narayan heading accross the bridge to go up the mountain. A few minutes after this the rain started pouring down on us. Me and Narayan were ahead of everyone. I accidentally took a different path than I normally do…and ended up on the left side climbing vertically up the mountain in the rain. It was a little challenging trying not to slip in the mud and wet rocks. At one point I was helping Narayan up a steep part and I slipped and we both fell. Luckily no serious injuries. Just shook up narayan and I ended up with gashes all over my arms and legs. Hey…it was all part of the fun adventure. If everything was “perfect” it wouldn’t have been so much fun. Sometimes we have to just take a chance and have an adventure, even if it is challenging. I miss doing this type of thing. We used to have lots of adventures back when I was younger and in school. This was a really fun day for me. I needed it.

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  1. nice good thing waheguru was with you so u didnt get any bad injuries

  2. Sounds like it sure was a fun time after all :)