1983 in Amritsar. This is a group of many of the kids (myself included) who went to school in India. This was our first year of school and we went to Amritsar right before going to the school. It wasn’t till many years later that we were able to return to Amritsar.

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  1. isingh says:

    3rd row from the bottom, 8th from the left.

  2. Anonymous says:

    3rd row from the bottom, 7th from the left.


  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    I think my sister is in this picture, but the features are kind of hard to distinguish on some kids so I’m not sure if it’s my sister.
    Plus I was so young in 1983 (I was 3) I don’t remember very well what she looked like back then.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how many of these kids remained Sikhs ?

    Would be awesome to have a re-union pic with everyone in the same spot.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I vote with isingh … Gurumustuk Singh ji tell us where you are in the photo.


  6. Actually I don’t think I am in this picture. I think I remember that I came a little bit late after the full group, so missed this picture.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk singh ji

    You’ve Got Us!!!
    Anyways, we tried!

    have a wonderul camping trip…


  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never been camping before. Some day I will though. In the meantime, take a lot of photos Gurumustuk Singh ji!


  9. isingh says:

    okay, i’ll bite! what camping trip?

  10. Anonymous says:


    Don’t be too hard on yourself…

    Ha ha…


  11. isingh says:

    well, if i’m going camping i’m going here:

    can you believe this…i didn’t know there were still “undiscovered” places (above ground) left in this country…

    ps…hot and brutally humid!…for those of you who want to visit dc…summer is the worst time to visit and fall is the best!

  12. singh ji do i know any of these.

  13. it’s hardeep singh{rana}

  14. it’s hardeep singh{rana}

  15. Prabhu Singh says:

    Hey Hardeep, you know me. Remember?
    I’m hoping to come back in December for a little while.

  16. Raju Singh says:

    I was wondering if you had any pictures of the amritsar before 1984. The pic you have posted are very interesting to see the Harminder sahib post bluestar. plus its history captured in those photograhs you are so lucky to have been there