“Vincent Hill” (The boys school). The school is on the side of the mountains in Mussoorie.

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  1. isingh says:

    it looks like a nice vacationing spot.
    what would say(advice) to a parent who wanted to send their kid and the child to school in india?

  2. Actually… Mussoorie is a “hill station” and is a common place for newlywed couples to visit. Or also for people going on vacation.

    About School in India…I would say that it depends on the school and sitation. I benefited a lot from going to boarding school in India. I plan to send my son to Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar when he is older.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My parents sent me to India for boarding school when I was 7yrs old and came back during my high school. The education was excellent. Science and Mathematics that I done in India in grade 6 was equivalent to grade 10 in Canada. I also learned Punjabi and Hindi. I feel that I was very Fourtunate even though my parents were in Canada.

    My suggestion is that India has best schools. I went to Shivalik Public school ( Mohali, Chandigarh) It is owned by Sikh person and follows Sikh teachings and I’m Sure Miri Piri would also be an excellent school.


  4. isingh says:

    I also studied there until 7th grade and everything except Math(not algebra or geometry but Math) was sooo easy to me when i came to the US. I had to draw a Cell (biology) in 4th grade in Punjab; 10 years later I had to draw a Cell for my (University) Freshman biologoy exam. :)

    Thank you Gurumustak, I know how busy you are…I’m begining to think that there’re 3 or maybe 4 of you or you might have two seprate brains and are able to control each limb (of your body) independently…in other words, you’re an alien! :)

    Thanks Gurinder, I’ve always been curious since I don’t know anyone who went to a boarding school.

  5. Anonymous says:


    You’re right, when I was in 3rd grade we were looking through a light microscope, and in grade five we had chemistry lab.. Exactly the same one they have it here in grade 9.

    we had 8 courses per year:
    1) English
    2) math
    3) Science
    4) Social science/ History
    5) Punjabi
    6) Hindi
    7) Geography
    8) cant remember ( its not a course)

    Now the school has three lines students or parents can select for them in grade 10;

    1) Medical line: English, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer science and languages

    2) Commerce: Accounting, Economics, English, math, computer sicence

    3) Nonmedical: English, math, computer science, chemistry, phsysics and something else


  6. Anonymous says:

    now I’m able to recall the 8th course – Civics ( politics,government), Not Honda civic..


  7. Anonymous says:

    I studied here too.
    Good to see the school pics again.