Dear Yogiji

What is a spiritual teacher?
None of you have any idea about what a spiritual teacher is. In India, it took five thousand years to come to an understanding of what a spiritual teacher is and now they have lost it too. The relationship between student and Teacher is like the relationship between a chisel and hammer and stone. Do you know what happens when a Teacher and a student meet? Sparks. Don’t look for a Teacher. Look for integrity. Look for one who can integrate the totality of the Infinity with the reality in the finite of the self, and still laugh. He knows; he won’t tell. He understands; he won’t speak. Because his power is not his own. His power is his own inner prayer, which is calm, quiet, peaceful, and goes with him. Word is God. In the beginning there was the Word, the Word was with God, the word was Integrity.

What is the job of the spiritual teacher?
My job is not to fall in love with you and sympathize with you or feel good about you. My job is to blast your ego and bring you to a balance of understanding and project you on a path so that you can save your day.

The trouble is that you are blocked. Break the block, face the trouble, find the way, get you out, and get you to move on. That is the job. I cannot be a romantic partner of yours. Neither can I be a paid counselor.

My job is very simple: that your life may keep on running better and more successfully, and you have the experience of the birthright of happiness and you should be happy.

The trouble is that ninety-nine percent of you don’t listen to me because I happen to be a male and you have no experience with a spiritual teacher. In the West, obedience or surrender does not exist. It’s considered a sign of weakness. Actually, it’s a sign of strength. You cannot obey if you don’t have strength, if you don’t have intelligence. My problem is not to gain good will for me. My problem is to gain your good will for yourself.

How do you teach your students what they need to learn?
Poke, provoke, confront, elevate. First I must wake you up. That harshness you face from me, which is sometimes to the point of rudeness, is to wake you up from your spell of arrogance in which you have lost the game to begin with. After that, I get you into a dialogue. Third is to give you a reasonable experience so that you can move out of it and gain your life as it is, and be on your way. The process is not to make you my “clients.” That’s not the process here. The process here is that you have the right to happiness and you have the right to success. Therefore, you must work to achieve it.

16 Responses to “Dear Yogiji”

  1. SatKirin Kaur says:

    This is a description of a very blessed and rare relationship.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My spiritual teacher is Guru Nanak Dev Ji :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    mine is Albert Einstein!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Only Guru Sahib is the Spiritual Teacher :)

    other “teachers” are fake

  5. Life gives us many teachers. From our parents, grand parents, life itself and other people that we interact with in our lives.

    I am a Sikh and my ultimate teacher and spiritual Guide is the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, however that doesn’t mean that I cannot learn lessons and get help from others. Maybe people react to the term “teacher”. Call it what you want. I personally keep myself open to learn from whatever situation or person that I can. We all have something to learn and to teach. The Guru flows within all our hearts.

  6. Jaspal says:

    I agree GuruMustuk.

    Sadh Sangant of holy saints is very important, but you can only see the Truth with the help of Guru Ji.

  7. xSHANTIx says:

    we can also be our own teachers…sikhism allows education from other sources….learning from some other source isnt turning away from Guru Granth Sahib or Sikh teachings its jus expanding your knowledge….remember Guru Ji is in us..all of us even when we are not facing his presence he resonates in our being :D

  8. Anonymous says:

    no teachers but Guru ji :)

    no yogis but Guru ji :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    any Teacher who connects a person to Guru Granth Sahib is a true teacher in Sikhism. Therefore, it could be you, I or yogiji….. The point is to establish a bond with God.

  10. isingh says:

    [email protected]:33 and all other anns who are uncomfortable with this idea of having a “teacher”, you guys are so lucky that you can understand Old world Gurmukhi and Farsi because I can’t. I’ve been reading Gurbani ever since I can remember, my mother who is a punjabi teacher knows all the prayers by heart, my grandmother would wake me up (even in)dead in the winter at 4/5 am to listen to Gurbani/Amritvela on Jalandhar Radio, my “school van” driver would play gurbani on our way to school every morning…

    But I still have a really hard time understanding old Gurmukhi for one thing you need to not only know the Gurbani by heart but you need to be a scholar of the Guru(Guru Granth Sahib) to know what the Gurbani is saying and not take everything literally. because it is a beautiful work of art(poetry) that isn’t meant to be taken literally.

    So what do I call the person who helps me translate what Guru Nanak ji…Guru Gobind ji are saying?

    Now there’re fools out there that kiss the people’s feet and start worshiping the “teacher”…one name comes to mind: Baba Ghumna Walai (circa 1980’s) in Choti Ghumni. People would be chasing him literally like dogs. no exaggeration…he would have a stick to beat them…to shoo them away…

    so The Guru is my Guru but sometimes I have a hard time understanding what Guru is saying to me…there’s so much to say about this topic but i hope you get the gist of this post…

  11. Manjit Singh says:

    I am learning so much spirituality and what it is meant to be Sikh from Sikhnet and all people commenting on this blog. Even the ones with negative comments. In a nutshell you are all teachers. The sadh sangat is all around you, sikh and non-sikh alike 24/7 and it is all about how you view God.

  12. Angad Singh says:

    Well Yes our Guru is Shri Guru Granth Sahib Jee but most of us dont understand the teachings. Thus we need some one to explain the teachings us. I basically call them Gyani Jee or Pai Sahib.

    Guru Ang Sang

  13. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh

    I have only one Spiritual Teacher and that is Sat Guru, whose teachings were revealed through the 10 Nanaks and written in the Guru Granth Sahib. That is the only Spiritual Teacher that a Sikh needs. There is nothing between you and Sat Guru.

    A teacher is a guide and not a sculptor. I have had many teachers, including Yogi Bhajan. The best teacher I have had, Baldev Singh, would get mad if he found out that I had even referred to him as a teacher. He was very frustrating in that he would not answer most of my questions but would tell me it was up to me to find the answers. Some answers took years. When I returned to him with an answer he would just nod his head yes or no.

    A teacher’s job is to “elevate” not to “poke, provoke, confront.” I have a hard time believing that this was the teaching method of Guru Ram Das.

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  14. Anonymous says:

    Amar Prakash Singhji

    I agree that Teachers job is to “elevate”, but this Elevation can be brought by different means by teachers according to their own experiences.

    To me, “POKE” means to awaken the sleeping conscious, or to bring awareness that we may consider ourselves aware about our sorroundings yet our conscious is sleeping by the illusion of Mayaa..

    “Provoke” when our conscious begins to Ponder and self realization begins…. Learn to listen to our subconscious….

    “Confront” when we begin to confront ourselves about our own actions and thoughts towards others and about the five thieves….

    Then finally with Grace of Guru, jump in the pool of nectar, which is Naam…

    No one can compare ordinary teachers to Guruji, but someone has to do the job of teaching people and put them on the right tract…..

    I remember in Physics class that one Problem can be solved by using albegra or Calculus and also by using Different equations But the final answer was the SAME.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Amar Parkash singhji,

    Matter of fact, I do understand your concern… I know that there are teachers that they begin to acclaim themselves as Guruji….
    There are few of People(teachers) who call themselves as Guruji and have made their followers believe that you don’t need Guru Granth Sahib but need a living Guru…

    I have couple of stories… would like to share in the future.


  16. isingh says:

    Amar Prakash Singh Ji,”poke, provoke, confront.” sound like fighting words to me but just like everything you need to look at it in it’s context.