Me and my parents in the 70’s

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Tis a VERY beautiful picture!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Without sounding disrespectable, i see so much purity in these old pictures, so much pyaar.

    But even though 3ho Sikhs are still remaining strict in their Rehat, i do see more of the Panjabi hang-ups creeping into their way of life, the biggest from what i’v seen is Fashion… which in most, CAN lead to a competition in dress & beauty resulting in Ego, jealousy & hatred

    PS im not saying that this has occured, iv no contact with these Sikhs.

    But i do believe there are only a select few who will not be affected by fashion but that is due to them possesing the gift of Naam

    Im sorry if iv offended anyone, its just the old pics look SOOOO inspirational and so PURE

  3. I don’t think one has to dress plainly to be a good Sikh. I don’t think we can expect to avoid issues of Ego and jealousy by trying to do things like dressing simply. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you do in life you will be confronted by these 5 challenges. Just beacuse you might get egotistical about something…doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing and shouldn’t be done. It is not the “act” which is bad. So…in other words… yes people these days dress very beautifully…and could have feelings of pride. But that is their challenge and issue to deal with. I don’t beleive there is a “shelter” from this all, no matter what you do.

  4. SatKirin Kaur Khalsa says:

    I think the most distinctive thing is the all white dress and chola’s.
    Very saintly attire not unlike the dress of the Ragi’s and Giani’s in the Gurdwara’s.

  5. Jaspal says:

    True white is a colour which is associated with purity.

    Its the “Whiteness” we have to achieve on the inside.