Lego Gurdwara?

I came accross this website which is showing pictures of a church built out of Legos. It’s amazing that someone can spend this much time on a hobby like this. I was just imagining some Sikh kid making a Gurdwara out of legos.

People make all kinds of wild stuff out of legos. Narayan has a big box of legos but he is just getting started and making pretty simple stuff (Star Wars Jets, plantes, etc).

Anways…you can see pictures of the Church made of legos at:

It took about a year and a half of planning, building and photographing to create it. I’m sure the person had fun.

6 Responses to “Lego Gurdwara?”

  1. Manjit Singh says:

    My elder son loves lego as well! Both my wife and I would have hard time with the Bionicle stuff, but he could just do it in seconds after getting them out of the box. Has anybody tried to make these bionicles! It is not that easy. I even tell him that he is going to be very mechanically oriented and make all kinds of wonderful stuff when he grows up.

    • Anon, says:

      I think it might have something to do with the fact that he is young: I am young and I built a 400 peice model in, what? The most, 8 minutes? True. A 3000 peice Technic (Similar to bionicle, still LEGO) took me just under an hour. Although it did have 4 instruction Manuals.

  2. Manjit Singh says:


    Thank you for posting the picture! I can’t believe it either.

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    When I was a kid I loved legos. I still have all my legos. When I was a kid they just came out with lego ‘technics’ or something like that. We had gears and pneumatic pumps and other things to make moving parts. I always enjoyed it a lot. I was definitely spoiled with legos my parents did buy Hari and I a lot of legos. I also liked ‘Lincon Logs’ for building log cabins and stuff. I also had something called ‘marble roll-away’, where you built an obstacle course for marbles to go through. We built some extensive courses.

  4. xSHANTIx says:

    i only liked the lego people…my cousins and school friends were mainly boys so they did all the lego constructing while i played with the lego people and pretended that they spoke and gave them american accents..i dont know why that is but for sum reason kids here when playing with barbies or other toys make them speak american :P but that church thing is awesome…. i wonder what accents the little people in there have..oh i really need sleep i think :p

  5. isingh says:

    thank you to all of you for reminding me of my inedquacies(sp)! ;( i could never play with legos. i could never build anything that looked like anything real. i guess that’s why i envy people who can think in 3D.

    btw, Envy is a sin in Christianity is it a sin in Sikhi?