My Teacher’s Teacher

Shanti Kaur relays Yogi Bhajan’s tales of his own spiritual teacher, Sant Hazara Singh.

Over the past thirty years I listened to Yogi Bhajan speak of his many spiritual guides. However, there is only one man whom he called his teacher, and that was Sant Hazara Singh of Gujaranwala (an area of northern India which is now part of Pakistan). Nothing changed the look on his face more dramatically than when he recalled "Santji." Suddenly his features would soften, his eyes looking to the distant past, the pain of separation like a fresh wound. When he spoke of his own spiritual teacher, you knew it is a profound matter.

A while back, I began compiling these stories, not only because they give me a better window on my own teacher, but also because they help me understand that I am indeed part of an eternal Golden Chain. In a real way, Sant Hazara Singh is my teacher too.

It all began for the Siri Singh Sahib at a very young age, when he was still known as Harbhajan Singh. He recalled:

I was born into a very rich family. I played with diamonds for marbles and I had great authority. I was the elder son of the ruling dynasty, like the Prince of Wales, and I had every opportunity to act like a total idiot. There were thousands of servants to whom my word was the law, and I could have whatever I wanted, like a rich, spoiled kid.

But I was lucky. I had a very saintly grandfather, and a saintly family tradition and disposition. I met a lot of holy men who would come to our house, and I chose a very saintly teacher. His approval of me was considered the joy of the family. His mark on me is so deep, I love him even now. Do you know that I still do not recognize the face of my grandfather or my teacher? I never, ever, looked at their face, but I can accurately draw their feet. That’s the consciousness of it. – Yogi Bhajan

Harbhajan was just eight years old when he met Sant Hazara Singh, a great mystic and yogi of his time…… Continue Reading This Article

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6 Responses to “My Teacher’s Teacher”

  1. WoW!, Humble are true Guru’s Sikhs in their extra ordinaire life.

    Shanti, I request you to write more of your experiences with the SSS. Publish that picture of you with SSS at Amritsar. One of kind!!

    You are blessed

  2. Jaspal says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Sister Shanti Kaur ji,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Thanks for your write-up.

    where is Doraha ?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing, Please continue to do so.

    Doraha is on the GT road in Punjab, about 15 miles before Ludhiana city when you are travelling from Delhi to Amritsar Sahib. Landmark to look for is a big bridge over a river in Doraha.

  5. Anonymous says:


    And when my TEACHER (ALMIGHTY) is testing me on every ground, i m failing. yet HE is giving me chance after chance.

    This is jus not a coincedence dat today i was talking bout SANT Hajara Singh n Sri Singh sahib to one of my aunt who was n still influenced by Sri Singh sahib n see wat i got. This is unexplainable.

    My aunt told me dat Sri Singh Sahib while doing Sewa one day at Harimander Sahib got an order from ALMIGHTY to perform further SEWA outside the country n dats how it all happened.

    Fateh to all
    jaswinder singh

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sant Hazara Singh, wow . His face has a unique glow on it, & his eyes seem very strong