Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Here is another meditative Gurbani MP3 track from Bhai Anoop Singh. I remember listening to this and the others tracks for hours and hours while I was out in the yard landscaping and “working the fields” (a few years ago). I would just have the mix CD on repeat and I would get so into the work. It was nice.

Music by: Sant Anoop Singh
Shabad: Bhainay Savan Aya (Size 17MB)
(right click on the above link and select “save target as” to download the MP3 file)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful!!! Really beautiful here is the text and meaning

  2. freesikh says:

    i hate to write it here but i better say it….we ought to be ashamed at ourselves for thinking we are sikhs…..did we spared a thought for 84 victims….today nanavati report came out …it has exonerated everyone …… manmaohan singh should be ashamed at being a sikh…today after 21 years 3000 deaths he would wite a chapter in history signed by sikh exculpating those who committed crimes against his own people….. i ask why we so messed up..dont we know who to unite or social service???? i dont know anyone here at sikhnet, SGpc or any other sikh organisation which has come out in support of families of victims livin in tilak vihar , ND ……. what we have come to …we don thelp our own …we might pride at overflowing gulaks at gurudwaras but we already flinch a muscle at the plight…..NO DONATION HAS COME FORHT FOR THESE VICTIMS FROM SIKHNET OR EXPATS LIVIN IN US AND ABROAD. i am sorry GMS but the regular sight of their plight on tv channels everywhere just piqued me so much that i had to write ….. taste this then president giani zail singh(yes a giani) called a minor MP to help him retrive the body of his own cousin……did you swallow that???
    i retierate … we say blah blah about spiritual ..”lets meditate ” …do we ever do social service for our own poeple …..i ask how many of you have…????
    i have myself bitten so may times by my own brethren…do we ever walk hand in hand ……… GGS said “what were my sikhs doing when they burned and gave matrydom to my father in delhi …they did nothing …..i will make them fighters” ….are we that fighters or bufoons waitin for our turn…..and hey just so you knwo those who wilt under torture and silently approve of it are worse of then prepetrators……

  3. freesikh:

    There is no doubt that much is yet to be done to deal with all the issues that face Sikhs. I cannot speak for other people or organizations but we at SikhNet do as best we can. We have devoted our lives to service already. You can’t expect us to do everything. It is ok to feel how you do, however you are best serving the need of the Sikh community by using that energy to actually make a change and give help. We are all capable of doing much more than we think. YOU have the power to make change and help others. It is too easy to try to blame others. We have to take responsibility ourselves to make the change we want to see a reality.

  4. isingh says:

    freesikh, thank you for informing us of this tragic news. (sincerely!) as far as manmohan singh is concerned; india didn’t elect manmohan singh! what a beautiful mind he has though. wow!

    as far as the rest of your post is concerned…it’s filled with rhetoric/without any solutions.

    if you want to do a social service go find a local “punjabi school” from your pind or your friends’ pind and start a donation drive or if you have enough money send a computer/used or new to that pind’s school. get them on the internet. (and make their homepage be “www.mrSikhnet” ;))).
    wear a turban, a full sikh bana and go visit schools in and around your Pind or town or city.

    why schools? because that’s where the new seed of sikhi has to be sown.

    why computers? so they can be computer literate. and know that they’re not alone in this world. and can open their own TATA and Wipro outsourcing centers in punjab one day.

    how do you want to avenge the deaths? by killing more? or by making sure that the next genration is proud to be sikh again?

    social service: help buy back the sikh jats’ debts in punjab from whoever they’re in debt to. (the first one to point this out was Hari Singh Khalsa, Prabhu Singh’s brother on this blog)

    another form of social service: support sikh businesses in punjab. support the little “research labs” that they have set up.

    learn, support Punjabi/Gurmukhi Call all the major software companies (MS, SUN, IBM, Oracle) and demand punjabi software and hardware.

    in doing this project i’ve found 2 computer labs in punjab that need money. one of them is acutally supporting itself by the founder’s salary! (in rupees!!!) and in order to bring more attention to all these small shops we’re(local sikh techies of wash. dc) planning on doing a web site that’ll publicize these companies.

    Sat Nam!

  5. isingh says:

    “this project” refers to “project: gurmukhi”.


  6. Anonymous says:

    To Freesikh:

    I agree with you all the way that we should help other sikhs as well as other human beings.

    I agree, it is SAD to see Attack on Golden temple by our own army.

    I agree, it is SAD to see genocide committed in Delhi by our own government.

    At that time I was in grade 9 and use to attend Gurdawara every weekend, I have taken part in all protests taken place in Vancouver BC. I was also present at the time when vast amount of donations were made to one particular group(ssf). At that time everyones heart was bleeding with pain and anger. at that time, I have seen with my own eyes that ladies in the sagant donated all the gold that they were wearing at that time, Men started to write checks and cash flowed. I still can see in front of my eyes that huge pile of gold and money was collected for the victims families.

    You know what was the MOST PAIN-FULL thing is that money was NEVER USED for victim’s of the Family, INSTEAD these people bought properties for themsleves!!!! and it is TRUE!!!! These people bought new homes etc…

    After knowing all this my heart was broken.

    Then after few years jathedhar from Golden temple came to vancouver and I was present at the Gurdawara at that time. His message was that we should contemplate on Gurus word, we should meditate on Gurus word. When the Entire sikh ( khalsa) nation will unite with Gurus word or mediatate upon Gurus word, then we shall see unification of sikhs. This will give us insight to listen to others than just to oursleves. This will give us insight how to tackle problems that sikhs are facing. Once we are united under ONE Naam, then Guru will speak through us NOT our minds.

    After all these years now I understand why he had mentioned all this… When we mediatate upon Guru Naam then we will begin to Cleanse ourselves NOT others. By cleaning our inside by the grace of the Guru then we will let go of ego( five thieves). Once this is attained then there will be unification of sikh nation and we will be able to achieve everything with peace.

    Approx 20 years have passed by. We are still at first stage. We don’t want to listen to our Guru, who guides us, but we want do everything our own way. And we will keep suffering….

    I think we need to Listen to our scholars without throwing mud on each other.
    Things are said easily but no one is willing to take action upon themselves. We need to take actions with our calm mind and direct all the energy toward Guru rather on each other.

    I can go on forever! At the EnD, Don’t lose hope, Time will fix everything but we need to act appropriately and under the guidance of Guru’s word. Peace will bring justice to us in the future.


  7. Manjit Singh says:

    Dear Freesikh,
    I agree with isingh and others that we need to use our energy more positively and action is more important than mere words. All I can say is that if everyone does their little part to help community, Sikhs can shine even more. In my opinion we have enough Gurudwaras for our little communities in the World but not enough Sikh hospitals, Sikh libraries, Sikh schools, Sikh businesses which are desperately needed. I say, lets give more donations only to Gurudwaras that teach the future Sikh generation and ensure survival of Sikhi, lets perform other comunity services such as picking up garbage around the Gurudwaras to help keep it clean, donate food instead of money, help people directly that you feel need help instead of thru Gurudwaras, may be pay for somebody’s medical bill or education, or adopt a child or a family that you think needs help and sponsor their child for education, during trips to India take a suitcase of books, candies, soccer cleats, little toys that can bring a big smile to a kid somewhere and not just your immediate relatives. In a child’s mind little things can go a long ways. It is not the big things he/she would remember but little things. In a nutshell, take charge and be the judge who needs help, donate accordingly instead of just donating. You will be feel good about yourself as well.

  8. isingh says:

    >>or adopt a child

    if you can, please adopt only girls!
    (lookup…or might have an article on depopulation of sikhs in india because of “boys only” sex selection)
    does anyone know how to adopt a child from punjab/sikh from india? how hard is it?
    i’ve never met a person or even heard of a person who’s adopted a child from punjab.

    is it considered a taboo? why?

    also like the others’ve pointed out you don’t have to have money to make a difference on someone’s life. if you just visited a school(no matter how old you are, the younger the better) and talk to them (in punjabi!) (about sikhs in the west and our way of life here) that’ll be etched in their minds forever.


  9. Manjit Singh says:

    isingh is right about trend of declining girl population. What is more surprising to me is the response of Indian government to this crisis, that is to educate women about family planning. What a joke! I wish they would empower the girls by creating opportunities for them instead of blaming them, outlaw dowry completely, protect women rights against abuse and so on. How can a Sikh call itself a protector and defender of the weak and oppressed, and at the same time kill a girl child or abuse a woman. We are bending too much into hindu social pressures of dowry, anti-women attitude and other social evils. May be one day, we will rise above all this garbage!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    In Eastern part of world people are having abortions to eliminate female fetuses, whereas in the West Part of the World Genetic Engineering is playing the same role as an abortion. By Genetic Engineering parents can choose sex of their child. So, the problem exists on both sides of the Globe.

    However, in the Future, Not far, People can have babies with desired characteristics. there are lot of Ethical and Moral issues to be taken care in this world. Otherwise one day human beings will create a Frankenstein Monster!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Let down again?

    Come on people, we know we’re not going to get justice in India

    I agree with freesikh, we need to help those Shaheed Families in India

    Those poor Sikh families have no future, the children have turned to drugs because they are now outcastes and many women have had to resort to prostitution in-order to support their families.

    We have forgotten them, we forgot as soon as the hype went down

    And all we care about is… we need a dome on the Gurdwara

    waheguru please don’t let anyone see those days again

    Sometimes i think to myself, what would i do if this happened to me, my father, mother, sister. God forbid

    i suppose it comes down to, only those who it happened to will never forget….. torture, rape…

    But yeh, as long as it didn’t happen to us, rite????????

    Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

  12. Anonymous says:

    To anonymous @ 5:16pm.

    I have no clue what are your references to these remarks. How do you know that women have turned into prostitutes…

    Let me remind you of the history, when Moguls snapped babies out of sikh women and killed them before their eyes, Back then sikh women never gave up on their faith and never surrendered themselves to Moguls. they maintained their Sikhi to the last minute. Tons of other history….

    Second point, children have become drug addicts, again where are you getting all this info….. Matter of fact our young generation is geared toward drugs in Canada, what kind of oppression have they felt while being in Canada. People have the free will to make choices about their life, and sometimes people do make wrong choices. Hopefull, they will learn their lessons.

    If you know about this, what have you done about it.

    I strongly believe we should help everyone, But people have different ways of helping. So, please don’t get uptight why Gurdawars are being built…. Have we been upset why a new mall, movie theater, clubs have been build, then why get so uptight about Gurdawaras.

    Last part, for Justice.. Did Guru Gobind Singh got justice after scarificing his entire family or matter of fact sikhs of that time.

    Dear, the only way we can get justice is what we do for ourselves now and reshape our future. We need to strife for higher educational goals in every field ( science, engineering, arts, computer science, Politics etc) and at the same time connect with Gurus naam. Peace will bring everything. “With JOSH WE NEED HOSH”


  13. freesikh says:

    ssaji everyone,

    first of all it was not rhetoric …it is too bad you think that way…in fact seeing your comments it looked like mere rhapsodizing from your side ..

    anywayz i saw all your comments ..and this is what i think

    well i talk to people as much in punjabi as i can … my darji(grandpa) was very strict and wanted us to articulate in punjabi.. i see little hope until we as punjabis bring back that dulcet touch again cos i will tell u here punjabi is considered pastoral ..and hey before u critic …might tell u i talk with all my friends and punjabis ,even biharis in punjabi ….

    secondly i agree with anonymous … some women have indeed turned to prostitution …it is true … my friend recently gave an account …

    i think it is so convenient for you fellows , opulent ,sitting away in vantage position to speak of the plight of these families in passive nature ….. heart bleeds but man (isingh , gurinder..) i recently saw hard talk on bbc …there was this mullah (even though perpetuating shariah as supreme law in world ) ..who talked that he would stand by his muslim brother if he is terrorist or labourer …dont take the context blantantly see the subtlety ….

    and hey isingh you are a techie… i see no specail drive from u fellows to recruit sikh engineers from univs here in Punjab tech univ or sikhs as engineers….do you know that most sikh computer engg earn a meagre salary cos of lack of knowledge and quality edu in state univ……most are unemployed…solve that man and why dont you come down here and take lectureship ….recommend undergrad for training in IBM,ORACLE….it will help enough … man you touched a raw nerve…. i still seethe with anger…anywayz i musnt get personal…

  14. freesikh says:

    we send our donations 100% tax free to this organisation located in vicinity of tilak nagar,nd

    project office
    [email protected],
    [email protected]

    regd office

  15. freesikh says:

    and yes it deals with the victims

  16. isingh says:

    Sat Nam!
    free sikh, i’m sorry if i got you all worked up. for one thing i wish you had included the information in your first post that you included in your later posts. you would’ve been well received.

    if you want to know more about me go visit the project gurmukhi blog and comment with your email address.

    btw, did any of you check out the homepage? they featured a site called:
    i urge you to check it out…so much work went into it and it shows.

    Thanks Sikhnet team, i would’ve never known about it if you hadn’t featured it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Last night I was up quite late reading news from 1840’s, it felt that I have travelled back in time. I salute all the people behind and it shows how hard they have worked on this project. It’s amazing!!! Thank you Gurumustuk singh ji for posting that website.


  18. freesikh says:


    isingh i see how conveniently you keep on dropping what i suggested to you .I admire ya’ll but this heckle me when you try circumvent the entire issue and pls be pragmatic.

    Again you go onto passive and fleeting issues .

    dont suffuse …. and answer what i asked of you and others ?

  19. isingh says:

    freesikh, i’m being so sincere when i say this. i’ve read your posts 3 or 4 times now and i don’t know what you’re saying and asking us. i’m truely sorry. if you’d like to email me click on “isingh” and email me and i’ll send you my phone number or you can send me yours and we can talk. most likely on the weekends.

    i’m a sympathizer. unlike you we saw these events first hand. and i also believe it’s not over. unborn girls are dying in punjab, sikh population has decreased by 2% in the last 4 years and no one is doing anything about it. think about it, why doesn’t the indian government care?

    i’m not a good communicator. but i thought i answered everything in my first post that you asked in your second post. again i can understand if you didn’t understand cuz my wife is always telling me to “complete your thought…for the love of god!” :).
    not to make excuses but i write as if i’m writing on “borrowed space” (from Gurumustak) because i’m afraid that one day he’s going to decide to not have comments at all. because people like me are abusing this privilege(sp).

    so please feel free to email me and send me more information about the victims and i’ll tell you more about how i’m starting to help in Punjab.

    and if you know of any sikh software engineers there i really need for you to get in touch with me. :)

    Sat Nam!

  20. Anonymous says:

    It is disturbing to know that unborn girls are being aborted in punjab.

    Please don’t take it wrong! Just a discussion so that we can learn from each other.

    I think the problem lies within the community not with the government. We need to learn to be responsbile for our actions and thoughts. We need to take this message to sikh leaders in Punjab and educate people of punjab regarding this issue. Without education then it is similar to banging our heads against the wall.
    I do think it is a serious matter, eventually needs to be the top issue in punjabi newspappers.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Gurinder, it’s not that simple. when i was little in the early 80’s my mom told me one early morning(before school) of the news about our family friends having a girl (3rd girl) “again” and “she died” because the “dai” (i’m drawing a blank here…the person who comes and delivers the baby at home) she gave the baby opium and the baby died. these were “educated” people who just wanted a boy. the father was a lawyer and the mother was a teacher. well they kept killing until they had a boy. i remember meeting the boy when he was 7 and i wasn’t happy to see him because i knew how many lives he represented and i wondered how those parents lived with themselves and did he not make them remember of all their murders…

    my aunt wanted a boy because she had two girls and i’m sure she aborted some but some men can’t have boys so they altered something in the fetus with meds and he was born a “boy” but needed operations (until he was 12) for him to become a “boy”…now how stupid is that?

    so just like there’s a reason for a law against commiting suicide in the US and it’s enforced… we as human beings need outside help from being self destructive sometimes. i hope that made sense.


  22. Manjit Singh says:

    Dear Gurinder,

    I think people in Punjab do know about this problem but somehow still ignore it. It is kind of like dowry, smoking, meat eating, child abuse etc. People know it in their hearts that these things are wrong, but still keep on doing it bending into social pressures instead of taking the lead to stop it. Sons and daughters just keep doing what their mummy/papa or uncles/aunts were doing because most of them depend upon them and are not allowed to act on their free will till they are almost married. Same with most of the arranged marriages, boys and girls have virtually no say in them and parents, elder brothers/sisters, uncles/aunts etc. just drive the boat instead of the young people themselves. May be sites like Sikhnet will change that thru matrimonials.

    Actually, the problem is more prevalent with the elite rich who drive the social norm. For example a millionaire probably throws a car for his daughter when she gets married, but the poor farmer or rickshaw-wala can not even come close to that. Guess what! Everybody wants to be like that millionaire and wants a car for dowry and ethics or religious morals are gone out of the door. It is kind of like “keeping up the Joneses” here in America.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all of you regarding this issue. I think these issues should be presented before our sikh leaders in US or Canada. There are indian politicians in Canadian parliament. If we put pressure on them, maybe they will put pressure on the govt of Punjab, so that new laws are made regarding this issue. If anyone aborts the child unless is mothers health is in danger, they will face some kind of prosecution by the law.

    Dear all, it might take sometime to accomplish this, we should not stop fighting against this atrocity being commited.

    What I mean about education is that these people need to know that if they have sons only in every family, then who will marry their sons…..


  24. Anonymous says:

    Let’s open our eyes and minds to the fact that all the Sikhs or for that matter people from any religion/race etc, are in politics for their own name, fame and power – no one will speak of anything, until it, in some way shall benefit their current position or future prospects – not for the Sikhs in North America and/nor for those forgotten in Punjab, India.

    As much as I’d like to be an optimistic, this is the truth!

  25. Puneet Kaur says:

    GurFateh ji

    its wonderful to know that so many gursikhs are doing sewa.Maharaj meher karan..
    Gurmustak ji i must say this shabad by Sant Anoop Singh ji has been sung so beautifully that it touches the soul.if there are any more shabads sung by him, i’d like to download them.

    Guru rakha

    Puneet Kaur

  26. JATINDER SINGH says:

     veer gurumustuk singh ji , thanks a lot to download this beautiful shabad. i was looking for this shabad from long time . thank you very much.
                                                                                GURU RAKHA.