Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick

Today I wanted to share two Gurbani Mp3 files by Bhai Chattar Singh. He used to visit our Gurdwara from time to time when I was young and living in Los Angeles. There is something about the vibration and mood when he plays Gurbani Kirtan. I find it very meditative and soothing. Here are two MP3 files which I archived from old tapes from around 1980 (?). Today you get a “bonus” track because Bhai Chatter Singh is one of my favorite ragis and it’s hard to just put ONE.

  • Mera Man Loche (43MB) – This track is looped and is 31 minutes long. In our home we always keep Gurbani Kirtan playing to set the vibration in our home. This is one in particular that I remember my mother playing in our home a lot. Very beautiful.
  • Sat Guru Daya Nidh (6MB) – This is another classic Bhai Chattar Singh for me that I used to listen to quite often when I was younger. It is still one of the Shabads that I

    Do you have an MP3 Gurbani shabad that is a favorite of yours? Email me if you want to share it.

12 Responses to “Gurumustuk’s Gurbani MP3 Pick”

  1. isingh says:

    Gurumustak, the second link one doesn’t work. :(

  2. isingh says:

    Gurumustak, Here’s something for you to take on your trip to England…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bhai Chattar Singh is amazing! This brought back memories of when I first started visiting Sikhnet in late 90’s…this was one of the first Shabads you added to the Gurbani Archive – if I remember correctly.



  4. Anonymous says:

    is this the same bhai chattar singh from chattar singh jeevan singh books?

  5. I fixed the second link.

    >>chattar singh jeevan singh

    This is a different person.

  6. Anonymous says:


    hot and humid 94 degrees(overcast)

  7. Hari Singh says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful kirtan by Bhai Chattar Singh ji. It’s in the classical style but absolutely heavenly and blissful – so relaxing!

  8. isingh says:

    Sat Nam!
    has anyone checked out:

    gurpreet’s pretty frequent here(she’s in india right now).

    also if anyone can help me out with my selection of Kirtan. I really like the Chardhikala Jatha, what kind of style is that and more importantly who else does kirtan like that? i hope i’m making sense.

    Ps…as always i hope i didn’t offend anyone implicitly or explicitly…

    Sat Nam!
    85 and muggy

  9. freesikh says:

    i hate to write it here but i better say it….we ought to be ashamed at ourselves for thinking we are sikhs…..did we spared a thought for 84 victims….today nanavati report came out …it has exonerated everyone …… manmaohan singh should be ashamed at being a sikh…today after 21 years 3000 deaths he would wite a chapter in history signed by sikh exculpating those who committed crimes against his own people….. i ask why we so messed up..dont we know how to unite or social service???? i dont know anyone here at sikhnet, SGpc or any other sikh organisation which has come out in support of families of victims livin in tilak vihar , ND ……. what we have come to …we don thelp our own …we might pride at overflowing gulaks at gurudwaras but we hardly flinch a muscle at their plight…..NO DONATION HAS COME FORTH FOR THESE VICTIMS FROM SIKHNET OR EXPATS LIVIN IN US AND ABROAD. i am sorry GMS but the regular sight of their plight on tv channels everywhere just piqued me so much that i had to write ….. taste this then president giani zail singh(yes a giani) called a minor MP to help him retrive the body of his own cousin……did you swallow that???
    i retierate … we say blah blah about spiritual ..”lets meditate ” …do we ever do social service for our own poeple …..i ask how many of you have…????
    i have myself bitten so may times by my own brethren…do we ever walk hand in hand ……… GGS said “what were my sikhs doing when they burned and gave martyrdom to my father in delhi …they did nothing …..i will make them fighters” ….are we that fighters or buffoons waiting for our turn…..and hey just so you know those who wilt under torture and silently approve of it are worse of then perpetrators……

  10. Anonymous says:

    To freesikh,

    Please refer to my note on your first post
    May Guru be with you and Guide us all. Peace will bring justice to all.


  11. Anonymous says:

    I too remember when Bhai Chattar Singhji came to NY in 1980, and the beauty and peace of his keertan.
    Thank you for reminding me again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I really like your choice for shabad kirtan. So far all of the mp3 files you have posted are truly inspiring and a sheer delight to listen to. In the past few weeks listening to the kirtan of chardi kala has definitely given me a sense of direction in life. Thank you very much for all the work you do in educating us.