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There are some great pictures of the Ishnaan Seva which is done once a week early in the morning to clean the marble floors of our Gurdwara in Espanola, New Mexico.

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  1. If your gonna openly post very judgemental, critical, harsh views on some else beliefs, at least have the guts to use your real name and not hide behind ‘Anonymous’. Why are all the fanatics scared to even post any name. If your all so offended by what you see on these bloggs, why cant you muster the courage the get out behind ‘Anonymous’ Alias. At least post your e-mail at the end of the post like so;

    [email protected]

    Its ok, your safe. No ones gonna hurt you sitting behind your computer in some randam location in the world.

    Would any half decent Sikh post anything insulting to anyone, and at the same time hide like a little scared ******* behind the ‘Anonymous’ alias

    Down ‘Anonymous’ Fanatics – And you think you have a clue about Gurmat.

    You know what I find offensive, foolishly standing in the way of the panth, is that there are ppl on the net who want to say nasty things, hiding and cowering behind ‘Anonymous’ alias AND CLAIM TO BE SIKHS. SO THIS IS THE STANDARD WE SHOULD ALL SHOULD AIM FOR, SO THIS IS GURMAT

    Yeah Sikhs can be insulting, harsh, critical, still BE FULL OF Mammat Like ME – but atleast these Sikhs, ain’t afraid to reveal their identity. Forget the net, if by some egotistical head trip, these Sikhs have got something to say to anyone, they’ll say it in person – no matter what happens, no matter what.

    Only a man without fear, without hatred can even begin to be considered a Sikh – so lets ME and all my anonymous buddies leave Sikhi in the hands of true GurSikhs


  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I’m just trying out posting as an Anonymous. I dont feel any more sikh. Even though this is just an experiment, I beginning to have this sinking feeling in my gut……..that a little piece of me has just became lost. This is so painfully shameful. I can’t take it any more, must post my name and e-mail, inorder to avoid losing myself in an abyss of self hate…….

    H A R P R E E T S I N G H G I L L

    [email protected]

  3. isingh says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    what the heck is this discussion about…looks like a teenage chatting forum!
    another thing..people here are too sensitive about words,take internet comments to their heart…internet blogging is not for faint hearted and also as sikhs we have been taught to fight against heavy odds not to whine on little things like internet chatter and behave as little kids!

  5. xSHANTIx says:

    i was gona leave a comment and say that Prabhu cud give Gurumustuk a run for his money on blogging but i think i have entered a totally different comments board errrmmmm anyway yes Prabhu Jis blog is awesome you should check it out :D

  6. Shanti…I hope Prabhu or others give my blog a “run for my money”. It is so great to see other Sikh Bloggers express themselves and share the jewels from their lives.

    The more tha merrier!! It’s definitely not a competition or popularity contest. I really do have a thought out purpose for this blog and I try to keep it focused on that goal. The blog really isn’t about me…and the majority of content is not even stuff that I wrote. :)

  7. isingh says:

    sat nam!

    sorry about that, i was leaving from work and i didn’t even see the post and only saw harpreet’s comment and reacted. usually i write something up and i keep it for a bit before i post it because it (my words) sound pretty stupid after i read them after an hour or so :))))

    my whole point was to give anns who don’t slander others a benefit of the doubt.

    anyways yes, prabhu’s blog is awesome i’ve learnt a lot from him about espanola.

    -peace and love

  8. isingh says:

    the mural post reminded me of Guru Nanak going to Haj and putting his feet towards the direction of Mecca and in Ganga river facing the “opposite” direction away from the sun…pretending to be watering his fields.

    i have to say i was watching on the sidelines for a long time biting my “tongue”….

    ps…i’m not comparing you to Guru Nanak.