Arjan organizes evening girls soccer (right outside my office window at the Gurdwara) every Thursday. Mostly meant for the Girls, but this time it was mostly the kids. I always try to go outside when they are here and take a break. They are always having so much fun and it helps bring me out of the virtual reality that I am in so much (sucked into the computer world).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    just out of curiosity, what do you in your office at the gurdwara?

  2. isingh says:

    you’re still there? shoo shoo get out of here!

    ps…you really need to teach me how to use the camera…i have the lates sony dsc and i just can’t seem to get it…i’ll send you the link to my personal web site if you have a minute one day…

  3. The grass looks so soft and nice that reminds me Gurumustuk Ji how is your Garden at home coming along?

    Waheguru Satnam

    Indy the Piper

  4. Ranjit kaur says:

    your house looks so nice and big which area are you situated at?

  5. Our garden is going ok. We have a grasshopper infestation this year so they ate many things. The one thing we have in abundance is Zuchinni Sqaush. Every morning…I wake up and go out to the garden and pick at least 2-4 of them. They grow so fast that you have to keep watch otherwise they become giant (and don’t taste as good).