God’s Backyard….

Arjan’s Sister (Kelly) lives about 5 hours up north in Crested Butte, Colorado. Here she is with a friend hiking in the mountains. This is another amazing place. Take a look at this view! Quite a backyard to have!

I think it is important to get out into nature often. It helps ground me to the reality of being a part of this earth. It is too easy to get caught up in every day life and loose the connection with the earth and our environments. As a result we take nature for granted and miss out on the chance of enjoying the treasures of mother nature.

Turn of off the TV (or computer, for those people like myself who are on all the time) and go outside! Get some friends together and go somewhere nice and natural.

6 Responses to “God’s Backyard….”

  1. Manjit says:

    BUT SIKHS HAVE WORK TO DO! Just kidding. You are right about getting out and enjoying nature. Another one of God’s backyard is the Grand Canyon. I visited it with my kids on the way to KYC Espanola, New Mexico last month. It is an amazing site to look at if some of you have not been there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    woah.. that night backyard to have

  3. Anonymous says:

    i meant *nice

  4. Prabhu Singh says:

    Speaking of backyards. I hiked Wheeler Peak this weekend. It’s near the Taos ski basin which is like our back yard, it’s only about an hour and 15 minutes drive. I have pictures at my blog. I took so many that I plan to release them incrementally.

  5. This is how humans are supposed to live, in the real world – not concrete jungles – i.e. city and towns

  6. Hi all,

    I always feel that as i look up into the skies, at the clouds, birds waving their wings freely throughout the skies with freedom, when i look at the waves of a river or an ocea…. everytme I come out of a hot computer room in university and take a step outside and breathe in the air, it all reminds me of the GREAT, THE INIFINATE. AMAZING!! AMAZING GURU!!!!!! VAH MY GURU VAH!!!! The creation, the nature is that very thing which reminds me of God, of his wonder struck amazing creations, of EVERYTHING! :)

    The ants, leaves, plants, elephants, camoflgued butterflies, sunflowers waving in a greenery of fresh meddows in the summer, All this at times brings tears to my eyes……

    Even when on the motorway on a far journey with my family, I am looking far beyond the passing cars…far beyond the conversation in the car… my eyes are affixed upon the amazing beauty of God’s Creation…… It brings a tear to my eye and i feel SOOOO close to the creator.

    THIS IS THE POWER that nature holds for me, a young University Student living amidst the busy life of the City of London.

    ~ Waheguru ~ waheguru ~ Guru ~