Part of the 3.5 acre back yard and the shed. I was cleaning out the irrigation ditch so that we can flood the field with water. It’s quite a process irrigating the field. Our friends who live nearby have horses that she helps take care of and ride. Arjan wants to get things cleaned up and ready so that we can have the horses graze on our property. The grasshoppers this year have infested everything and eaten everything in it’s path. When you step on the grass a few hundred of them jump. They are like aliens from another planet. It definitely effects the local farming community (not to mention all of us hobbyist gardeners..like me)

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  1. SatKirin KAur Khalsa says:

    The Avian (sp?) killed off the many species of birds that normally eat the grasshoppers….thus we have an infestation because grasshoppers have not been eaten this year.

  2. Grasshoppers – the new locust