Gora Sikh Pride

Ok…it’s friday so thought I would have a little fun. Here is the latest from the “Gora” line of clothing. I remember in India people used to always whisper… “Oh…Gora Sikh hai…!”. Hahaha… !! If you are thinking critically of this, it’s time for you to go on vacation because you’re too serious. This is just for fun!

I’m going to order this shirt and get a few for my friends.
You might see it online at: http://www.gorasikhpride.com

Ps. For all those Goray’s out there, if you want to get a shirt you can get $5 off with this coupon code: “POINTSLOUDER” (when checking out).

20 Responses to “Gora Sikh Pride”

  1. turbo says:

    This brand has an additional unique selling point which is realised when doing the headstand.

    By doing the headstand daily the mind and body become free of ailments, in other words one becomes aroG (the gora has now become arog!)

    Sorry about the lame joke, I tried.

    Does this mean I will get a commission if the company starts marketing using this unique selling point?

  2. Manjit Singh says:

    turbo singh,

    Do you have one for my kids? My wife is caucasian (gori if you prefer) and I am Indian. I wonder what would they be called. I had read a while back that some western sikhs are hurt when someone refers to them as Gora or white Sikhs. I would be curious to learn the politically correct term. Gurmustak, please help us here. To me Sikhs are just sikhs, Gora, Indian, African, Oriental… Also, it is funny that a BBC News website has identified Sikhs under so many categories that you would not believe. I sometimes even wonder about the motive behind all this separation by the media.

  3. I don’t think people (like myself) take offense to being called a “Gora Sikh”. Like you were saying…we are all Sikh and it is better not to categorize people into different types of Sikhs.

    However…having said that, I don’t mind having a little humour in my life.

    What is is the real meaning of “Gora”? Does anyone know the history or what the literal meaning is?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Manjit Singh, some asians find “oriental” to be offensive. Just thought you should know.


  5. Manjit Singh says:

    But I am asian, And I am not oriental.
    Just kidding! Your point is well taken.

  6. Anonymous says:

    People from India are oriental infact!

  7. Manjit Singh says:

    About reference to Gora/Gori, as far as I know it just means “a fair skin” and can be used to describe (gori chamri (fair skin) or a person as in gora/gori (fair skinned man/women). Even some Indians are refered to as “gora/gori” especially in the Bollywood songs such as “gori tera gaon bada pyara”

  8. Vjkkvjkf!

    I think term ‘Gora’ came to be with british invasion of India…

    Indian people used to called British men – ‘gora’, ‘goray’, then was ‘ferengi’ as well – variation of ‘foreigner’…

    I think ‘ferengi’ is better than ‘gora’ – no discrimination on the basis of ones skin colour.

  9. Manjit Singh says:

    You are absolutely right Sukhmani Ji. All the negative association to this word comes from reference to British.

  10. isingh says:

    the word oriental describes things (from the orient) but when you’re refering to a person/people you say asian rather than oriental: oriental rugs, oriental food, oriental furniture…but asian people…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey great Shirt! I Lov it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    hahaha. nice. i’d wear even though i’m punjabi.

  13. Anonymous says:

    To me Gora Sikh, kala(Black) sikh, asian etc are not offensive as we say what is obvious. I mean to say if we see a very tall sikh person, we wud call him “Lamba Sikh”.
    So dont take ani offense, all lovely humans out there.
    Brown Asian Indian Sikh

  14. Varinder says:

    Hi. This is the first time I’m posting a comment on Gurumustuk’s blog. Ive been reading it for quite long now.

    To the refference of the word gora.
    I agree with this statement:
    “as far as I know it just means “a fair skin.”

    The word gora has no link with the British. During the British raaj they were often reffered to as ‘Farangi’. (pronounced fraungee). Gora is simply a term for fair skinned. Even before the British came in the punjabi language gora always ment fair.

  15. Anonymous says:

    One of my uncles from mother’s side was “gora” with blue eyes. Their whole family was very fair, but he was only one who had blue eyes. I wonder what would you call him, he was of punjabi descent. Fact is that all punjabi sikhs are caucasian, interbreeding with local dravadian has made us a bit dark. So, “gora” is not ofensive, but we are are sikhs,that’s what we should celebrate.

  16. Varinder says:

    Well, gora is just an expression for colour, not origin. As I explained before, the British were reffered to as ‘Farangi’. It’s just that in Punjab aswell as most of India very very fair skinned people are not very common. In areas like Kashmir/Jammu/Shimla they are however.

    It’s not to be taken seriously unless someone is behaving differently to you becase your a ‘gora’ or ‘gori’.

    Oh yea, HAPPY 1ST AUGUST! YAY!

  17. Chill we don’t need to analyse and get to the root of origin of every bit of harmless humour we come by

  18. Saraswati Khalsa says:

    The origin of this shirt actually comes from the Fremont Gurdwara in the Bay Area. My husband Dharam Singh saw a bunch of young guys coming in to bow to the Guru wearing “Jat Sikh Pride” shirts with black and silver tigers on them. He thought it was funny that they would come before the Guru flaunting their caste, so he started talking about wearing a Gora Sikh pride shirt with a little white kitten or something instead of the tigers.

    He told his friend Sadh about it, who then had the first three “Gora Sikh Pride” shirts made for he and his friends. Imagine our surprise to see it on the internet:)

  19. mario says:

    hehehehe dat woz soo funi…ma frend lurvz gora!!!

  20. Arjan Singh says:

    I am not offended to be called a Gora Sikh. In fact, it is a label I am proud to wear. My father's family are Ukrainian, and my mother's family are Siberian! So, I am possibly the whitest person on the planet. And I am always welcomed at my local Gurdwara. Gora by birth, Sikh by choice!