This is me and Guruka Kaur in 1975
posted by Guruka Singh

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  1. isingh says:

    awe!! thank you Guruka Singh! you guys look so good then and now. what’s your secret?

    btw how do you pronounce your name? the way it’s spelled Guru + Ka or is the word “Guru” abreviated in pronounciation?.


  2. Guruka Singh says:

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  3. Guruka Singh says:

    It’s pronounced “Guru Ka Singh.” What a blessing to have that name!

    When I did ishnaan seva at Harimandir Sahib, I remember the sevadar asks two questions: “What is your name?” and “Who is your father?” I told him my name and he replied, “Yes of course, but what is your name?” hahahaha! It was a sweet moment.

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    The secret of happiness is simple:

    How happy you are is inversely proportional to how much time you spend thinking about your own predicament in life!

    The secret of radiance is also simple: “amrit vaylaa sach naa-o vadi-aa-ee veechaar.” Rise in the ambrosial hours, meditate, and let Guru cover everything! Wahe Guru!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Guruka Singh Ji, i can’t help but noticing that there is a dramatic change in the way we now see Dastar’s worn by these Women. Is there a reason why these Tall wearing Dastar sisters have changed to a flat one that we see today? No offence intended. I prefer the tall ones :D

    NaamRattan Kaur

  6. Anonymous says:

    i guess its just fashion dont dig too much into things….those were 70s ,even in punjab turban style has also changed with time

  7. isingh says:

    >>”Yes of course, but what is your name?”
    >>”amrit vaylaa sach naa-o vadi-aa-ee veechaar.”
    Guruka Singh, what would you say to a person who says “But i’m just not a morning person…”

  8. Guruka Singh says:

    >> what would you say to a person who says “But i’m just not a morning person…”

    isingh Ji – It’s hard to get up before the sun. I’d say “set you alarm 1/2 hour earlier for a week, and then again the following week, etc. Or, just force yourself to get up and then take a nap after your sadhana. What I do is that when I go to bed at night, I say, “Guru Ram Das Ji – I want to get up at 4:00 am tomorrow morning. Please be so kind as to wake me at that time.” It works every time!

  9. isingh says:

    Thank you! :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Guruka Singh Ji
    waheguru ji ka khalsa , waheguru ji ki fateh

    Thanks for your write-up