Google Maps

Guruka Singh always has his little tips and cool things that he shows me and others (relating to computers and the web). If you want to know the latest fun and cool things, he is the one to talk to.

He was just showing me Google’s map service which includes real satellite pictures with the maps. It was pretty cool to navigate around my area and see things from way up high.

My House (In the map you’ll see the road which is like a loop/circle. That is or gated community where my house is. The satellite images are a little older so my house isn’t yet there in this picture. It’s not much to look at….but try it out for your area, it might be more exciting for you


2 Responses to “Google Maps”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool! I found my old house in Green Bay!

    BTW, I love the smiley with dastar and beard.


  2. This an original one that I learnt from Guruka Singh who has been online before there was “online”