Sat Darshan Kaur with a little friend

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  1. WaheGuru ji ka khalsa WaheGuru ji ki fateh Gurumustak singh Khalsa ji I really gald to feel when lerar about u n gora peoples who wnats to be sikh n they r also sikh n more practised than us . when i see our indain poeole sikh how they r living in indai n western coutries they r all forgetting our religion . they try to expecting the western culture but i know at the last of the moment they can,t be a expect a gora cultrual n also vinished our indentity. n than they felt hanging our self in the middle. wahegureji ka khalsa whae gure ji ke fethe.

  2. Satnam Kaur says:

    This is a photo of Sat Darshan Kaur and Kirin Kaur of Phoenix. She is Gurudarshan and Guru Amrit Kaur’s little sister and has always thought Sat Darshan was one of her big sister’s too.