This dance was pretty funny. Waheguru Kaur and her friends did a fun Bhangra dance posing as Punjabi guys (Turbans and beards painted on their face). It gave everyone a good laugh.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice pics…

    One question though why is someone called “waheguru kaur”?

    I dont believe anyone should have the name of God as their name. It’s frankly very disrespectful has misleading conetations.

    If it’s an alias or a real name it should be changed urgently to something more appropriate.

    Thats my thoughts on the matter, which I think should be taken seriously.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you heard of a field hockey player, “waheguru Pal singh”? It’s not any different from Ram Singh, Kishan Singh or whatever…It reminds one of God, thats all.

  3. There are many names of God. “Waheguru” is a word/expression of this ecstasy of God. Wow! (however you want to interpret it).

    We are all God. God is in all of us. I don’t think this is meant in any way to be disrespectfull.

    My son’s name is Narayan Singh which is another name of God.

    My name is Guru Mustuk Singh. I don’t claim to be a “Guru”. My name is a reminder of God and my destiny as a Sikh.

    It really is all how you look at it and how you relate to a name.

    I always get irritated with names that change from: “Harvinder Singh” to “Harry” or just become some irrelevent nick name. I prefer to call someone by their given name.

    Names are very important. I think of it is a mantra…and reminder to the person. It’s a vibration and prayer.

  4. Hari Singh says:

    My uncle is Satnam Singh; my dad is Gurdev Singh; I am Hari Singh – You can’t get better names than that for God – Be liberal; we do not dilute God by using His name – We use His name to remember Him -hopefully a little bit more due to these names. No offence meant – I understand your feelings but please believe me – there is nothing wrong in this practise.

  5. Prabhu Singh says:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    The ‘Punjabi Guy’ sounds like a great idea for an SNL skit along the lines of the ‘Church Lady’

  7. Anonymous says:

    I dont know about the 3ho Sikh dharma modern Jatha but ‘Waheguru’ Is actually the Gurmantra. Sat Nam is not the Gurmantra. Waheguru is not just another name for God but the way to God. It is so deep. Please see Bhai Gurdas Ji’s Vaara.

  8. Prabhu Singh says:

    Like we don’t know what the Gurmantra is. Give me a break! We know the Gurmantra, we also know Sat Naam. We also meditate on other words from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
    I’ve read a lot by Bhai Gurdas Ji. I know several people named WaheGuru, quite the destiny huh? My name is Prabhu, which also means God. I wouldn’t and I don’t think anybody would change their name because others can’t handle it.
    The original anonymous wants their thoughts to be taken seriously, but they cannot even tell who it is the thoughts are coming from?
    I can’t believe that some people are so fanatic into THEIR WAY of doing things that they want others to change to suit them.
    I would never tell somebody what to do unless they asked me. I certainly would never have the arrogance to tell somebody to change their name, or their religion, or anything else that is sacred and personal to them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    if waheGuru Kaur is happy with her name ( why wouldn’t she) and she complements her name with WaheGuru’s rehit then whats the problem. but do agree that there is a big difference between Waheguru and satnam as name as Waheguru is the gurmantra and to call someone fanatic over this is a bit silly.

    i think it is sad how be put people down when they are not amritdharis ( following rehit)and call amritdhrais fanatics when they try to bring people on the gurmukh path.

    we need to find some middle ground.

    sorry if i have said anything anti-panth


    narinder singh

    p.s i wounld never ask her to change her name because we are give everything from Waheguru(God not the bibi in question)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I dont think this issue silly and its not fanatically to discuss this subject.

    If someone refers to that kid what would they say “hi allah come here” or “hey yahweh come here” , etc,etc.

    Do you see jewish kids calling their kids “Yahweh Cohen” or christian kids “Jesus McAndrews” or Muslims naming their kids “Allah Hussain” ??

    No because they have respect for their God. If a kid with a God’s name is teased in school the name will be will get attacked. I believe the name “Waheguru” is not just an ordinary name it is a sacred beautiful name of the Almighty, one which shouldnt be used lightly however meaningful or well intentioned it is.

    Sorry for any hurt feeling on the subject but if people can’t see right from wrong then its only right to speak out and debate such things.

  11. Angad Singh says:

    Sat Nam jee,

    Mr. Anonymous orignal,

    My name is Angad Singh and the name itself motivates me to live upto its meaning.

    I am not perfect and I do make mistakes but I strive be part of the lord

    Sat Nam!

  12. Prabhu Singh says:

    I’m not at all saying it’s fanatic to discuss this topic. Nor am I saying Amrit Dhari Sikhs are fanatic. I’m Amrit Dhari. I’m saying it is fanatic to push your view point on others. Did either of the anonymous posters even read my post?
    Why are you making things up? I said that it is fanatic to push your view point on others and to not have tolerance for others.
    Not only is it fanatic it is disgusting. I don’t want anybody standing between me and the Guru, or judging how I live as Khalsa. This is my personal business. This is what is totally sacred to me.
    Furthermore where I live a lot of people are named Jesus. In Spanish Jesus is pronounced He-soos, but it is the same name. Sometimes I think people see strong words like fanatic and don’t even read the rest of the post. My post is about tolerance not fantacism.

  13. Guru Rattan Kaur says:

    It was just a free-hearted picture! Give it a rest!!
    The thing that I have to say is that ‘If You Can’t See God In All, You Can’t See god At All’ spoken truely by our guide and teacher Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji.
    Sat Nam and let the arguments cease, please!

  14. wahaguru g ka khalsa wahaguru g ki fateh i have no words to write as every one told everythings above so i would like to say only one thing awesome
    and one request plz change that name from “wahaguru kaur”to any other  kaur    please it’s a request…………………………