Nov. 1979 Doing Ishnaan Seva in Harmandir Sahib

Doing Ardas in Harmandir Sahib before starting Ishnaan Seva.

Every morning everything from Harmandir Sahib is removed and totally cleaned by the Sevadhars. They take milk and rub it into the marble floors. Then everything is brought back in and setup again for the day. This all happens very early in the morning after 2AM.

One Response to “Nov. 1979 Doing Ishnaan Seva in Harmandir Sahib”

  1. Nawinderjeet Kaur says:

    It is truth “jithay jae bahay mera Satguru so tha suhava ram rajay”. It can’t be described in words….the place for puriest of pure, and true GURU.