Miraculous Messages from Water

One thing which we don’t always realize is the impact that the vibration from our words and prayers have. When you speak it has a vibration. This vibration can communicate love, hate, or just anything. Different words and languages have different vibrations and effects.

For example, reciting Gurbani has an uplifting vibration which can elevate your consciousness (whether you understand the meaning or not). This is why we bless the Gurparshad and Langar in Gurdwara. Giving the food the vibration of our prayers and the Guru’s Bani. You don’t want to be arguing for fighting with someone while you are preparing food. This is why we normally "bless" our food by chanting long "Saaaat Naaam"s, or by saying a prayer together with the food.

If you look at each language you will notice a different energy to it. Some are blunt, some are "sensual", some are smooth, etc.

To Illustrate the effects of prayers and our words I wanted to share with you some research that was done by Masaru Emoto, a creative and visionary Japanese researcher. In an nut shell he photographed water crystals before and after certain words or prayers were done. Our bodies are over 70% water, so you can see how this relates to us. It is pretty striking to see the difference from the same water when a sentence like "I’m going to kill you", as opposed to "I love you". Here are a few images.

You Make me Sick, I will kill you
"You make me sick, I will kill you"

Thank You
"Thank you"

Heavy Metal Music
Heavy Metal Music

It really makes it apparent how our words have impact. Hopefully this will make you think twice before you speak. Speak to communicate and share something uplifting. So much of our communication is not really needed and is wasted energy. When you speak, speak with a conscious purpose and intent.

If you are game, try this this: Get a tape recorder and record yourself for a while during the day when you are talking. Later, listen to it. I’ll let you come to the conclusions. :)

If you would like to read more or see more of these pictures you can visit these websites:

You can also buy the book titled:
"The Hidden Messages in Water"
by Masaru Emoto "Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe…"

(I have a copy of this and the pictures are amazing!)

9 Responses to “Miraculous Messages from Water”

  1. Jaspal says:


    I have been following his workm got his book too.

    Some very excellent stuff.

    Lets Spread The LOVE people.

    Think, Speak, Live and Spread Love.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome post – Life Changing… THANX !

  3. amrita kaur says:

    wow, very interesting, im sure to look into it.

  4. Mohinder Singh says:

    The is an amazing movie, What the Bleep Do We Know–in which some of Masuru Emoto’s photos are shown.

    The photos illustrate and enhance one of the film’s themes: the effect of our words on ourselves and others.

    You can learn more about the movie at http://www.whatthebleep.com. A DVD of the film is available there.

  5. ricki says:

    hi I’m Ricki I’m from Canada and I’ve been very interested in the Sikh religion for 4 yrs now but a little nervous to how do u say change religions…because im native american and we are more spiriticle then religious and my family wont really approve but i like to have a state of medidation through out the day. ive been doing 11 minutes for two weeks every morning n my days seem more content n better really. i know all the basic n love Bhangra wat should i do? i want to be Sikh but dont know where to start.

  6. Guruka Singh says:

    Ricki – Don’t “change religions.” Your religion is what you do and say – your values – not a label you wear. Practice what works for you. Let it unfold naturally. If you are a Sikh of the Guru, that will be arranged for you. There’s no need to do anything. Just keep up your daily discipline and let it all unfold.


  7. Premjeet Kaur says:

    well ricki , to me the fact that you are fascinated with the religion is already a big step. I remember Lama Surya Dass mentioned in his book , the “Awakenign teh Buddha within” which states that curiousity itsefl is a small step towards a long journey .

    So as guruka says go with the flow , the path is already set .Its not the destination but the journey because just saying that you are changing religion itself shows that you are trying to create a path and an identity but you need not to because you dont set that , The Guru does.

  8. j.petrucci says:

    Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, then We parted them? And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? [Al Qur’an – Al Anbiya:30]

  9. Gagan says:

    Actually the things and the techniques being proved by Scientists, this was also known by our Rishi Munis Of Vedas now science has proven it.