Gurumustuk – 1982 Having fun at Childrens Camp! Narayan went to the same camp which is still going on to this day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Which camp was it? I think I still have that t-shirt if it was the North East Sikh Youth Camp (Ujagar Singh / Amarjit Singh)

    — Anon from NY

  2. isingh says:

    whatever camp it is looks like my kinda camp. reminds me of lord of the flies.

    also, do the kids spend the day and night in the “woods” (the reason i put woods in quotation is because i didn’t see any woods around when i google earthed espanolo…all i saw were “ditches” and i did see SSS’s either home or community center. it was on SSS lane…kinda hard to miss :)…in either case do the kids camp out…?

  3. A lot of New Mexico is high Desert. You don’t see sand but high desert vegetation. We live in Espanola, Valley which is greener because of the Rio Grande River.

    Nearby are many mountains (Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos) where there are quite a few forests.

    The childrens camp is up above Espanola in the Jemez Mountains at our camp site “Ram Das Puri”. Everyone at the camps bring a tent and stay in that. You can see some of the pictures from Summer Solstice this year (earlier in the blog in June) which is the same campsite as our Children’s camp. The camp normally happens after the Summer Solstice camp and co-incides with “Women’s Camp”, so that the mother’s can do camp while their kids go to the other camp.