Conscious Communication and Angels in our Midst

At our conscious communication training yesterday we worked on three modes of group communication: Debate, Discussion and Dialog. The exercise was about making Prashad. We rose from heated debate regarding the “correct!” way to make prashad, to a discussion about the blessing of making and receiving prashad, and finally to a dialog about how more people wanted to learn how to make it and a plan for group prashad making. It was so elevating to experience the transformation from people defending their “position” to ending up in a heart-centered, enthusiastic desire from people who had never made Guru’s prashad to want to prepare and serve it.

My son, Gurushabd Singh (15) is home from Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar spending the summer here in the Espanola sangat. He’s working at SikhNet and having a great summer eating lots of macaroni and cheese (which is hard to get at school!) It’s so sweet to have his darshan every day. He’s been an active contributor to the Conscious Communication training and all the summer activities.

He is a very wise soul and a healer. I remember when he was about 10 years old, I got mad at him for not cleaning up his room as I had asked him to do. I yelled at him, “What’s the matter with you? Why didn’t you clean up your room? Don’t you remember what I told you? Why can’t you remember? Don’t you have a head on your shoulders!?” He looked at me silently for a few seconds and calmly replied, “No Papaji. I don’t have a head on my shoulders. I gave it to my Guru.”

Tears filled my eyes. I bent down to touch his feet and we cleaned up his room together.

There is an artist here in our community named Hari Jiwan Kaur. She paints the most unusual portraits. They are pictures of the person’s soul, not their physical form. They are quite amazing. At summer solstice she offered to paint Gurushabd Singh’s soul portrait. Here it is.

It actually looks exactly like him. Wahe Guru!

Here is the “Soul” Portrait:

9 Responses to “Conscious Communication and Angels in our Midst”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing story of nimarta regarding your son. By the way, where’s the picture?

  2. Anonymous says:

    how does this picture resemble your son…i guess modern art is way over my head!

  3. Anonymous says:

    May I ask a nosy personal question? Who is your son’s mom, and is she still a part of his life too?

    — Anonymous from NY

  4. Guruka Singh says:

    Oh yes, my lovely wife of 34 years and Gurushabd Singh’s Mataji is Guruka Kaur. My other son is 25 and his name is Siri Krishna Singh.

  5. bhupinder singh says:

    Is that watercolor with salt sprinkled technique in background? good work … keep them coming. There should be artists’ section to discuss on sikh art and sikh artists. Currently there’s no such place for them to network

  6. Do you know of other Sikh Artists? I don’t know many.

    I started to showcase different Sikh art. I’m always looking for other Sikh Artists.

  7. Guruka Singh says:

    Siri Kartar Kaur has a gallery of her artwork online here

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ah – I’m so embarassed. I thought that Gurumustuk had a 15 year old son! [blushing] I’m glad that my mother raised me to ask every question politely, especially if you think that it’s an (ahem) unusual situation. Plus, it’s always good to hear about Moms too!

    — Anonymous from NY

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks by permitting to Guru Shabad to come with us yesterday to Abiqui lake was pretty to talk with him and very amusing! I hope your cellphone be repaired.. Siri Dyal Kaur