1977 Bhai Fauja Singh Singh

Recently I posted some old pictures from when my mother and others went to Punjab on a Yatra from 1978. Many people requested that I post some more. So, I have been searching far and wide and was able to find some more interesting pictures. Some people asked if I had any Bhai Fauja Singh Pictures, so by request I have posted these ones that I found.

Info About Bhai Fauja Singh:

I have been having quite the computer problems today. I was able to scan each of the Bhai Fauja Singh slides, but then after I finished the 5 of them the scanner died again. It was able to work this one last time (This was the same scanner that I have been having problems with earlier that I hoped might work on a different computer). So, at least it held out for these pictures. Then my mouse died, someone threw away a box that had the slide adapter for another scanner, I got locked out of the office after I went out to dig through the trash heap looking for it, and getting stinky trash fluids all over my kurta. What fun!! haha. Too many hours. Eventually I gave up for the day (Arjan was calling…when are you coming home???) and settled to post these 5 pictures. So, things are running a little slow today. I guess this scanner is destined for the trash and It might be time for a new computer too at the office. Someone recently donated a laptop for me to use at home and while traveling, which I am most thankful for (coming soon!). Till then I’ll try to hunt down someone else in our community who has a scanner and see if I can scan some more pictures.

If you know of someone that might want to donate a relatively new computer(s) or scanner to SikhNet do let me know. We could use the new equipment (for SikhNet Radio and Office workstations).

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  1. Jaspal says:

    Excellent. Thats one rare picture

  2. ranbir singh says:

    Amritsar Massacre 1978
    On 13th April 1978 the Akhand Kirtani Jatha gathered together from all over India at Amritsar to hold their yearly Vaisakhi Smagam. Kirtan had started from Amrit Vela and at about 10 o’clock a message was received. The message said that the followers of Nakali Nirankari Gurbachan Singh were holding a procession in Amritsar and were shouting slogans against the Satguru and shouting insults against the Sikh religion.

    All the Sikh Sangat knew very well that the Nakali Nirankaris had been
    Gurbachan of the fake Nirankari sect who did anything to insult sikhism

    doing these things for the past few years. The Nirankaris had given degrading names to some GurSikhs including Mata Tripta Ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Bibi Nanaki Ji, Baba Budha Ji, Bhai Lalo Ji, Bhagat Kabir Ji. They called the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji a bundle of papers, and they called Kar Sewa, Bikar Sewa. The Nakali Nirankari leader said that Guru Gobind Singh Ji had made 5 Panj Pyarai, I shall make 7. Once he had even dared to place his foot on the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

    Bhai Fauja Singh heard the news from the loudspeaker when he was kneading the dough for the langar. He washed his hands and rushed to the congregation. He delivered a short speech, explaining the dire situation and drew a line, asking for those who are willing to receive martyrdom to cross it. Bhai Joginder Singh Talwara asked children and women not to go. However many “Bibian” still insisted on going. After performing Ardas, the Gursikhs bowed before the Satguru and went off to Ramdas Niwas.

    Bhai Fauja Singh who led the sikhs in the procession

    Upon reaching Ramdas Niwas they found that the procession had finished. The Gursikhs then decided that they should go to the place where the Nirankaris had gathered and do a peaceful protest against the insults shouted at the Satguru. It is known that some of the Sikhs of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and the Bhindra Jatha reached the Reego Bridge near Gobind Gar, where they were stopped by the police authorities. The Singhs told the police about the insults shouted at the Sikh Gurus and the Sikh Religion in the procession, and which were being shouted at their gathering, which was taking place at that time. These insults could be heard clearly from where they were standing. They told the police that they wanted to do a protest against the organisers of the gathering about the shouting of these insults. A police officer told the Singhs that he would go and stop the Nirankaris and for them to remain there. The police officer went to where the Nirankaris had gathered and the Sikhs waited for 30 minutes for him to return. On his return there were more policemen with him. Joshi D.S.P told the Jatha of Singhs to go back and that the meeting had finished a long time ago. But at that time violence provoking speeches could be heard on the loudspeakers. Then about 5-6000 uniformed Nirankaris rushed towards the 200-300 Singhs carrying rifles, guns, spears, swords, bow and arrows, sticks and within seconds attacked with stones, acid bottles, hand-made bombs, firing their guns and throwing spears. The Singhs that were hit with bullets fell on the ground and were butchered with swords, spears and axes. When the ground became covered with bodies of the dead and wounded, the police fired tear gas, but even that was towards the Jatha of Singhs, so the Nirankaris received even more help and the Singhs received even more injuries.

    Bhai Fauja Singh was fired upon by the Superintendent of Police, who

    Bibi Amarjit Kaur stands at the side of her shaheed husband, Bhai Fauja Singh

    emptied his 32-calibre pistol into Bhai Fauja Singh`s chest. These were not the only bullets he was to receive that day, but he kept standing, uttering only “Waheguru”. Two Sikhs attempted to carry the still breathing and chanting Bhai Fauja Singh to the hospital for treatment, but those two were arrested by the Police. Bhai Fauja Singh`s body was taken by the Police and put into the “Dead Wagon”. Again, another Sikh came upon Bhai Fauja Singh and found him breathing and still uttering “Waheguru”. He attempted to help, but half an hour later, when Bibi Amarjit Kaur arrived, Bhai Sahib had attained martyrdom.

    D.S.P Joshi was responsible for shooting Bhai Fauja Singh, and not allowing any of the GurSikhs medical attention. Eventually the police took the bodies of the “Shaheed Singhs” to the morgue, and some wounded Singhs were taken to hospital.

    The astonishing thing is that the gathering of the Nirankaris continued for 3 and a half hours after this bloody massacre. It has also become known that the D.C of Gurdaspur Naranjan Singh I.A.S and other senior officers were present in the gathering during the killing of the unarmed Singhs. It is clear that the authorities of the Amritsar district allowed the Nakali Nirankaris to do the procession in the Sikhs main city Amritsar on Vaisakhi. The authorities are guilty of allowing the Nirankaris complete freedom and not dealing with them properly at the right time, and they should have been punished accordingly.

    The government did make a Panel of Doctors for the post mortem of the dead bodies. It has become known that Mr Janjooha D.C ordered the post mortems of some of the Singhs to be done only by one doctor and the government orders were not carried out. The D.C was also involved with the Nirankaris.

    The press also printed the news details of the incident incorrectly. The Singhs of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and the Bhindra Jatha were called fanatics. Harbhajan Singh Yogi responded stating, “Today I read the newspaper report in which it was said, a body of fanatic Sikhs. If doing kirtan and defending the good name of our father Guru Gobind Singh Ji makes us fanatics, then we welcome this allegation. Remember, those who do not defend the grace of their father are never worthy of respect on the earth. These martyrs of Amritsar have shown us that we shall live in grace; if it is not possible, we choose to die in grace.”

    In this bloody massacre 13 Singhs were martyred and there were more than 70 wounded. Ten GurSikh were members of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha, two were of the Bhindra Jatha. Many of them left wives and children. The names of the 13 Shaheed Singhs are -:

    Bhai Fauja Singh s/o Surain Singh, Amritsar
    Bhai Avtar Singh s/o Bhagwan Singh Kuda Kurala Hoshiarpur
    Bhai Harbhajan Singh s/o Jagat Singh Bhattian, Gurdaspur
    Bhai Piara Singh s/o Kishan Singh, Bhungrani, Hoshiarpur
    Bhai Raghbir Singh s/o Nawab Singh, Bhagupur, Amritsar
    Bhai Gurcharan Singh s/o Daleep Singh, New Model Town, Ludhiana
    Bhai Gurdial Singh s/o Sohan Singh, Mode, Amritsar
    Bhai Amrik Singh s/o Kundan Singh, Khujala, Amritsar
    Bhai Dharambir Singh s/o Lal Singh, Ajeet Nagar, Amritsar
    Bhai Kewal Singh s/o Amar Singh, Prem Garh, Hoshiarpur
    Bhai Hari Singh s/o Gurcharan Singh, Kot Ralia Ram, Amritsar
    Bhai Ranbir Singh Fauji s/o Kala Singh, Thraj, Faridkot
    Baba Darshan Singh s/o Achhar Singh Ji, Mehtha, Amritsar

    The funeral of the 13 Singhs took place on Saturday 15/4/78 in front of Gurdwara Siri Ramsar Sahib in front of a large congregation of about 25-30,000 people. All the Shaheed GurSikhs were cremated together.

    25-30,000 people attended the cremation of the martyrs

    Baba Jarnail Singh aiding Bhai Amolak Singh who was still weak from wounds sustained during the massacre

    Learn More – Bhai Fauja Singh
    Kanpur Massacre

    The Eye Witness Account of Dalbir Singh.

    Dalbir Singh was a former communist who had devoted himself to trade union activities for more than a decade, and is one of many who believe that the Nirankaris had fought the Sikhs with a pre-conceived plan. At the time of the clash he was a correspondent of “The Tribune”, based at Amritsar.

    “It was 13 April 1978 afternoon. I had returned home from a routine beat of Amritsar. I was taking a nap after lunch when the telephone rang. Someone, who refused to identify himself, told me that several persons have been killed in a firing at the Nirankari convention. I rushed out to the stadium at the railway colony. There were many dead bodies that were strewn outside the venue of the convention. I did not yet know what had happened. I wondered around and met Govind Singh, a son-in-law of the Nirankari Guru, on the stage of the convention. Govind Singh first led me to a tent in which there were many armed persons. He entered it but immediately turned to lead me to another tent in which some Nirankaris were chatting with Deputy Superintendent of Police. I approached him and explained that I had seen some armed men who might have been the killers. The officer, however, ignored this information. The next day, the police searched the Nirankari center in Amritsar for the killers and their weapons. They had let the killers scatter, when they could still have been nearby, to catch scapegoats one day after the incident.”

    Dalbir Singh maintains that the local administration had allowed the main culprits to escape. (Courtesy :Ram Narayan Kumar)

    13 Singhs

    Bhai Fauja Singh Ji
    Bhai Amrik Singh Ji

  3. bhupinder singh says:

    my astrologer friend says next 3 weeks there would be more technical problems lol. computer break downs , electircal failures, virus spreading or just plain communication snags. I don’t listen to him much but last time when he told me actually my mouse did stop working as well.
    he goes its something to do with planet mercury’s speed. God knows!!!!Lets see if his analysis fails or pass

  4. that is just shameful says:

    ssaji ranbir singh,

    i am horrified to learn this but i am equally distraught by the fact that hardly anybody knows this. one of my friends is nirankari ….and the last 1 year he was my roommate. i havent talked to him lately.but he insited that the sikhs tortured nirankari(even though he is a sikh) and i should also seek nirankari gurus blessings .this is incredible and he also insisted that they would show me god and i will be made to swore to not bypass this information. i am just searching for words here . there is just no words to describe this . 7/7 gets more of a mention and thousands of hours of news coverage. it is just ludicrous.

    thank god for gms and sikhnet but i am just ashamed at the communication abyss within the community….

  5. Anonymous says:

    fauja singh is the best name ever

  6. Anonymous says:


    does this fauja singh live in london England now? as there is also a man living here called fauja singh who is famous because he ran a marathon at the age of about 90! you may have also herd of him as he also ran the New York one too…

    let me know please…..



  7. Anonymous says:

    dear Kiran!!!i believe you haven’t reas the full blog or you’re in some other try(making fun of the Shaheed singhs)every one has learnt untill now Bhai Fauja Singh as Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh…….
    Ranbir singh Ji your work was great….thank you and Waheguru Kare Bhalaa….

  8. Anonymous says:

    to person who replied to kiran… i didnt get to read the blog in full….i saw the name and jumped to ask the question that just appered in my head!!!!! i can understand fully that you thought i was taking the mick or may have been on something!!! Be assured that im only on oxygen and nothing else….may it also be noted that i was not taking the mick…its just pure naivity and that i am going to be more carefull in the future as to get my facts straight before i begin to ask anymore questions!!!!!


  9. The Fauja Singh you are thinking about is mentioned here (the marathon runner):


  10. All these words are fake, as some used this platform to evoke SIKHS to do riots AGAINST a calm community who saved many life in 1984 of SIKHS riots.

    Please read this article


    and do not give any attention to any of these articles…

  11. Gurpreet kaur says:

    This full artical is one sided information…and totally wrong.. I am also related to sikh religion but i do’nt think that nirankaries were wrong..I attended the satsang of nirankaris’ 5 times in Melbourn in austrailia…and i firmly believe in Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji bu they said nothing which oppose Gurubani..i listen all the story in detail from my father about ‘Blue Star’ Operation…and also read a lot of books on this topic….also i want to say u…please understand someone completely first….then say anything….

    From: gurpreet kaur(B.Tech 3rd year) lives in Ludhiana now..

    Gursheel singh Makkar.(MBA)