1977 Bhai Fauja Singh Singh speaking to the Sangat

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  1. Jaspal says:

    These are some Rare pictures.

    I don’t believe ANYBODY has seen these.

    Believe me Guru JI works in amazing ways.

    Gurumustuk Ji, you surely have been around some of History’s finest and Spiritual Sikhs.

    Now its all falling into place. Why Guru Ji Sent Yogi Bhajan ji to USA and how Guru Ji sowed the seeds of Sikhi in the US.


    Can you put all these pictures on one separate site? (I shall fund it 100% email me and we shall discuss)

  2. Anonymous says:

    amazing pics bro…

    Many of our youths or those new to the faith wont know the significance of who Bhai Fauja Singh was and his supreme sacrifice for upholding the honour of Guru Sahib ji.

    For those those who don’t know who this great man was please research on google. Or view this link


    It’ll give you some sense of the historical context of what Sikhs of punjab went through in that dark period of oppression and brutalisation under the hands of indian govt.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And just to add it is this event “Amritsar Massacre 1978” in which bhai fauja singh was martyred that transformed the movement for Sikh equal human rights / Seperatism / indepedance into an armed struggle, which would claim many lives for many years.

    Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrwanwale witnessed the whole incident and it is this event made him come to the realisation that Sikh’s needed to become armed and ready for action like the Sikh warriors of the past as the Indian state of that time was pursuing policies of state terrorism, with it being allied with the soviet union in all.

    This incident also stregthened the case for a seperate homeland (khalistan) for the Sikhs so they wouldnt have to face Indian injustice and discrimination on a daily basis simply for no other reason than them being a Sikh willing to lay down their lives so that we can live today and still have our beautiful religion intact.

    My salutes and prayers go out to all those souls who paid the ultimate price for their love of guru sahib and Sikhi. And without their defence of the Sikh faith at a time of danger, God only knows what the future of Sikhism would have been…probably a dire one.

    “If you want to play the game of love, then enter my path with head on thy palm.- Guru Nanak Dev ji

  4. Anonymous says:

    Purnaam Shaheeda noo

  5. Mata ji SatKirin says:

    Bhai Fauja Singh was a man of spirit and devotion not armed opposition.

    He led a ‘peaceful’ demonstration against the people that were desecrating the Siri Guru Granth during a parade through the streets of Amritsar. He led a march unarmed on Baisakhi day. They were ambushed with crude weapons and 13 died from the Gursikh demonstrators.

    Bhai Fauja Singh is survived by his wife, Bibi Amarjit Kaur.