Conscious Communication

Today we had the another part of our “Conscious Communication” workshops has been a benefit to our local Sikh community organizations. This has been an ongoing course we have been doing together (spread over many months). It is normally a few week course. Our last workshop is this thursday!

It has been really great to learn more about communication and becoming more aware of how we and others communicate. We have learned many tools to improve our communication. I have just been sucking it up like a sponge. I think I need to do the course again to really take my learning to the next level. It has made me much more aware and conscious communicator.

I find that the more aware and open I am, the more I can connect with people and be an effective person. Too much time is wasted in debates and arguments where people just want to push their point of view and are not really interested in what the other person has to say. It is more of a battle to prove they correct.

We as Sikhs definitely need to work on our communication with each other. I think bad communication is the cause of many problems that come up within the Sikh community.

Well… my wife just called and we are going to go for an evening swim at our local swimming pool. I have been spending too much time on the blog so have to spend some time with the family.

See you tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Conscious Communication”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You have been blessed to live such an exciting life, I can tell you froom my life, my life is so-so, nothing out of the ordinary, I wish I was born a gursikh like you.

    Jesse Sangha

  2. Jesse, being born a Gursikh doesn’t mean you are special. You can live as a Gursikh at any time. It is the will and energy that you use to go in that direction. Anyone who choses can follow the Sikh path.

    It may take more effort on your part, but YOU and only YOU can do that.