Here is an old picture (maybe from 1983) in Amritsar. They were the “seniors” in our school.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many of them are still Sikhs (as per your other post)

    — Anon from NYC

  2. I don’t know all of them very well anymore. Guessing, maybe 3 or so are still Sikhs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    just out of curiosity, how do the parents of these kids react when they no longer remain Sikh?

    Are they accepting of their choice?

    i suppose the difference between convert Sikhs and panjabi Sikhs is that punjabi sikhs believe that being a punjabi is being a Sikh but 3ho sikhs beleive Rehat makes someone a Sikh

    I don’t believe Sikhi should be forced upon anyone.

    I know that if i completely rejected Sikhi and no longer referred to myself as Sikh, i would be no longer considered apart of the family.

    i apologise for differentiating between Sikhs on the lines of colour, but i only did so to make my point.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cool pic…wow 1983 shocking looks as if the pic was taken in 90’s.

    It’s sad to hear some of them have left Sikhism. But isnt that the beauty of a free faith like Sikhi you are free to leave if you don’t want to remain.

    But perhaps theres always a negative side. One being that some Sikhs of Indian origin will begin to doubt the faithfulness and commitment of western converts to Sikhism, who are treating it like a passing phase and not a life time commitment when they take part in the sacred amrit.

    Oh well only the strong survive I guess. Better for the weak ones to leave then be forced to stay. Only Waheguru knows knows best.

  5. This is not a “white” sikh thing. This is something that all Sikh youth face. The people in the picture are just kids.

    Just so you know a lot of “western” Sikhs have not taken Amrit, however they do live the Sikh Lifestyle in many ways.

    Just because they wear a turban (even the women) does not mean they are Amritdhari. For many of us this is “standard” practice for any Sikh.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree, all Sikh youths go through these phases but I suppose its more noticeable when a “white” or western Sikh in full attaire leaves that really gets your attention. Maybe I suppose cos theirs realtively only a few of them at the moment that they feel ignored or isolated by the mainstream / majority.

    People will come to Sikhi or leave according to their goals in life and afterlife but at the end of the day the will of the Lord is supreme.

    Anyways like the Sikh saying goes chardi kala (always live in hope). I hope I got the translation right :D lolz

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just because they have left 3HO and/or cut their hair does not necessarily mean they are no longer Sikhs. For some, perhaps. But if they have not said they are no longer Sikh, how do we know they are not? Punjabi Sikhs who cut their hair, change their lifestyle, and even rarely attend gurdwara are no longer keshdhari Sikhs but still considered Sikhs, really it is in the individual’s identity, what’s in their heart.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree… this is the point im trying to get across to some of our stubborn Punjabi Sikh turbanned brothers. They think just cos they have turban’s and a full dhari it makes them a proper or real Sikh and those who dont are not Sikhs and dont have any right to call themselves as Sikhs.

    hahahhaha Waheguru ji give me strength honestly I have to laugh at how ignorant and negative they can be after reading some comments posted by some posters and talking as a punjabi Sikh myself.

    Anyways like I said the future is bright for Sikhism…more ppl are embracing it than leaving it and to think it’s not even a missionary faith …Waheguru ji guides those to the path who want to guided.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If Sikhi was not a missionary faith, why would Guru Nanak Sahib travel the world and enlighten millions of people about Gurbani and the divine path of Gurmat? If a person with a haircut is a Sikh then why would Guru Gobind Singh Sahib say that “Rehit” is beloved to me, not the Sikh. If what’s in your heart matters most, then how come people with “haircuts” can’t express their “heartfelt” love for the Guru by accepting his commands to keep the 5 K’s — one of which is Kes (Hair)?

    I look forward to your replies – especially from my brother who was laughing at the ignorance of kesdhari Sikhs.

  10. I remember being at Solstice the summer that this group of kids was graduating from the India Program. The fact that so many of these kids were cutting their hair, caused a big stir not only with the parents but with everyone. It’s all anyone wanted to talk about.

    I remember being asked by someone about my reaction. I said it bothered me but just look around at all the people wearing white Bana. They have all rejected the religion and lifestyle of their parents, so why are people so suprised these kids would reject theirs.

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  11. Linda Kaur Khalsa says:

    The School in India they whent to in Mussorie encouraged non-Sikh behaviour. Good grades is all that was the priority of the Rich from Bribes Principal. If any student had stress problems the school encouraged shunning them.

    The Strong guy thats 2nd from the left in front row is Gurtej Singh a decent fellow, he beat all the Indians at Guru Nanak 5th Centenary School, but due to corruption of the school was declared a loser to the Indian class President Happy Singh.

    The skinny kid in rear row 2nd from left is Ramma Singh brother of Gurtej. But unlike Gurtej, Ramma liked to pick on and make fun of others.

    Most of these Sikhs cut there hair because they became freinds with a British Half Hindu Sikh “Kamal Jeet Gulati” who had short hair and was always making fun of any kid who posed wisdom. I heard there was a very good and full of wisdom kid, actually I had a crush on him, he was sooo good looking, from USA who was a Sardar of Indian decent, and as such the Indians did not want to be his freind because he did not belive in the corrupt practice of bribing the Senior Class with Candies and other things. And the Western Sikhs only considerd Gora to be true Americans.