Lakhmi Chand and Siri Chand Singh at the party. I really liked their African shirts.

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    What beautiful Sikhs…God bless you! Those African tops are kikking, yep they are too bad!

  2. Turbo says:

    Man, them Singhs look cool – they seem to be glowing with inner strength!


  3. Anonymous says:

    i hope its not hard liquor!lol

  4. Hard Liquor?? Come on…


  5. Bhupinder Singh says:

    wicked tops. i’d like to get one but not sure what stores have them. Both guys are like hero’s in this blog eh?

  6. They are Guru’s Lions from Africa! Which one is Simba though! Forget Lion King, we have our own Lion Singh!

  7. Khalistan Singh says:

    You should get these Singhs to set up there own blog.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I know of a Sri Chand in Sikh history but who was Lakhmi Chand ?

  9. Lakhmi Chand (some web sites say Lakmi Das) was Sri Chand’s brother . For more information try doing a google search on these names.
    Kind regards.

  10. Anonymous says:


    I think Sri Chand ji’s brother was Lakhmi Das – most websites say this. Interesting…

    But why would anybody want their names? They renounced their father and Guru !?

  11. Lakhmi Chand S. Khalsa says:

    Yes we have the names of Guru Nanak’s sons. From the little I really understand they did not renounce thier father. There is little that I can find regarding Lakhmi Das’s life but from what I understand by the end of his time on earth he understood his fathers teachings and adherred to them. Likewise with Baba Sri Chand, he handed over his throne & Authority to Guru Ram Das the fourth Guru, who carried the same light as his father. They both had powers of thier own and had to go through some growth before realizing the significance of what they really had in Guru Nanak. Also renouned seems a strong word to me because they were all trying to attain the same goal, enlightenment. And so although they may have chosen a different path to reach it, in the end they recognised it was all the same. Hope I didn’t make that too long but thought to give my 2cents on it topic. thx