Balvinder Singh (who is doing an internship at the Los Alamos Lab) along with Prabhu and Hari.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How far are Los Alomos and Santa Fe from Espanola? Can one commute to work from Espanola to either Santa Fe or Los Alomos?

    I had always wanted to get away from the big city rat race but was afraid of the small town prejudices. However your blog is showing me that there can be a sikhi based small town life.

  2. Prabhu Singh says:

    Many people commute from Española to Santa Fe or Los Alamos every single day. I’m one of them (I’m the Prabhu from the picture BTW). It used to be that homes in Española weren’t as expensive as the other two places, but now all of Northern New Mexico is super-hyper-mega expensive. Still I would rather live in Española. Española has a unique culture. The Spanish settled here hundreds of years ago and set up of the first European capital. Santa Fe claims to be the first capital of America, but that is not true it was an area known as San Gabriel just north of Española, where the Rio Grande and the Rio Chama merge. The Spanish are stilll the dominant culture. When I was growing up, my brother and I were the only two kids in our school that were not hispanic or Native American or both. 20 something years later and there are now a lot more white people and a lot more Mexicans. Still the dominant culture is the Spanish.

  3. It is about 20 minutes or so commute to either Los Alamos or Santa Fe.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Gurumustak Singh Ji

    I really like your blog section and I hardly miss it any day. Rest it was nice to see balwinder singh’s (it is “w” and not “v” in his name so please check that out) picture with prabhu and hari. I am thankful to hari and prabhu for making balwinder do some exercise and sports. He turns into a really lazy guy when sports come into picture. The other day he was telling me that there are a LOT of activites he is doing these days with hari and prabhu. He calls himself ” I am a person who studies, eats and SLEEPS”. So it will be nice to change this phrase of his life.
    I hope to see you all at balwinder marriage in december.
    Now who I am …..his roommate/elder brother/(guide :-)) from the time we came to know each other after high school.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Prabhu & Gurumastak,
    God willing, I hope to do that commute one day. Beats my current 1hr 30min each way commute.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i wonder what the weather is like there? i want to come visit but i’m an introvert wouldn’t begin to know how to socialize.

    if sikhnet comes to yuba next year i’ll be sure to come by and say hi though. i’d offer accomodations but i’ll be a guest myself.