Taking a break. It must have been hard for this man to carry me up the hill in a basket. Nowadays I think they only use donkeys.

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  1. Mata SatKirin KAur says:

    There are still beda’s or bearer’s but they do not seem to need to carry huge people anymore.
    Yes, prosperity has come and fleets of donkeys and small horses are available.

    Have you been there lately?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of going to Hemkunt Sahib twice now. Second time i went was quite recent and it was still an amazing experience. They still have bearer’s and they do carry people but most people go on donkeys instead. I personally walked all the way and i enjoyed every step i took. I also got the chance to do Kirtan there with my brother and sister. I was truly in bliss. I felt this glow inside (hard to describe). I felt so relaxed. It was great.