Group Picture in Amritsar

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  1. Mataji SatKirin KAUr says:

    Here we are on the roof of Bhai Amolak Singh’s flat/home.

    A lot of our group is pictured here.
    We must have been about 50 people.

  2. Guess who says:

    Look at Gurumustuk singh’s expression! Hah. No wonder, Narayan
    comes by his expression quite honestly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to all those who saved these photos for so long.These are priceless memories.Without your help I could never have had seen such precious memories.

    Tejwant Kaur, (Amolok Singh Ji’s Daughter)Mum’s holding me in this photo.This photo also shows Gurdaspur Vaale Masterji, and thier Daughter Gurpreet Kaur(Mini).