Flashback Pictures from 1979 in Amritsar

While I was visiting my mother in New York I found some old photo albums of pictures from my first visit to India. Now that I am older I really appreciate seeing these. For me they are historical because this was the early days when people from the West (America) were starting to become Sikhs and this was the first time many Sikhs from India had seen Sikhs who were not from a Punjabi origin. View the pictures here.

5 Responses to “Flashback Pictures from 1979 in Amritsar”

  1. Singh says:

    Those are really nice pictures. The Singhs pictured are/were associated with the Akhand Kirtani Jatha. I have a large collection of pictures of when the Western Sikhs visited. I’d be happy to share some. If you have more pictures of that visit, I’d be very interested to see them as well.

  2. I’m glad that you like them. I think they are great too. The one thing which I love is all the smiles from everyone! They look so full of joy. I’m used to seeing people in India very serious faced, so it’s nice to see bright happy faces.

    I would definitely like to see your pictures too! You can email them to me at gmustuk @ sikhnet.com

    I have many more to post on the blog, but my scanner is having problems. I’ll continue posting them over the next few days.

  3. missing punjab says:

    Now there!!! are you happy??? you ‘gone and made a grown man cry!! can’t you do anything right?

    of course i’m kidding! just like the seagul comment…

    thank you sooooo much for these!

    i haven’t been back in 11 years!!! but i’d be interested to know where you guys stay when you (you and your family) guys do go (to amritsar/punjab)…

    thanks again!

  4. We have stayed many different places over the years. At the various Nivas’s (Rest Houses) and also at some of the hotels right around Harmandir Sahib.

  5. R.S.B. says:

    There’re some good hotels in Amritsar, just avoid govt. run rest houses unless you wish to bath with spiders and sleep with rats or the best thing? take your sleeping bag right inside the Darbar Sahib comlex and sleep in parkarma. I’ve done it, it’s an experience you will never forget in your life. Even for just one night, the sounds of Kirtan/bani refelecting off sarovar water, it’s experience unheard off. Try it.