Quotes of the Day

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  1. Cyberjeet says:

    SSA GSK, I like visiting your blog on alternate days. it is very informative and another thing I like is the pics that you post here. I love to see how you have integrated the sikh way of life in your modern lives. I am really upset with one thing, ‘the comments’ yeah although I am writing it through comments! I did see your pics, I did notice arjan without kirpan, and whatever these commenters have to criticize about but I didn’t comment. u kno y? simply bcoz this relation is between a sikh and his god. who am I to comment about that? first I should see myself am I perfect, No I can’t be. Because the word sikh means to learn. A Sikh is always learning. the day he says that I know everything he’d be the first fool.

    The problem that you have faced recently is a part of my daily life because I am from India and here you wont find anyone who has studied that what is sikhism? here you’ll find sikhs who are born into sikh families hence doesn’t know it’s values and think that they are agents sent by god ( same like prophet mohammed ) to point out the mistakes of fellow sikhs. In a day I meet lots of people who are always criticizing always.
    you very well expalined in one of your posts that this is not a ritualistic religion, yeah I agree with it totally. Here you find philosphies. In GGSJ we have answers for everything but we need to find them which is difficult to do for people who are born into sikh families. I am talking about the majority not everyone is like this but I am talking about more than 90% sikhs.

    The direction these sikhs (preachers not practioners) are heading towards, if they keep on moving into this direction, the day is not far when sikhism would also become an illogical, ritualistic, impracticable religion. just like hinduism. what I personally think is that sikhsim is not a religion. it is a way of life.

    pardon my language I may be grammatically wrong somewhere bcoz english is not a part of my daily life but I hope that you understand what I actually mean.

    there are so many sikh sites and bloggers but y I do visit yours regularly because I love the way you are living, very frankly, this is true. I want to spend my life this way one day.

    Keep posting like this. show us more part of your life, not just through pictures but through writings (your thinkings) also.

    I hope this comment would also attract many agents!..

    and one more thing that I would like to advice you is that just disable the commenting service…. you can start a discussion form somewhere else. blogs are to know about someone not to criticize.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job!

  3. balvinder kaur says:

    Dear Cyberjeet,

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

    I have already felt a sorry for my writing on Kirpan issue. Even though my intention was never to hurt anyone or to point out any thing to Gurmustak Singh Ji’s family, but perhaps my way of putting it / expression was not good enough to convey what i actually wanted to know.

    With Guru’s grace, I am also an amritdhari sikh and it is a learning process. I am learing and a child tends to do mistakes. I am really inspired by the way American sikhs are preserving legacy that our Guru Ji’s have gifted us, even in the mid of the materialistic economy. They are just like Lotus flowers in mud – who despite all odds leading their life the way our Gurus have shown us.

    Well, like you I am also from India and as you have already mentioned, here the meanings of sikhism are changing for those who are born up in sikh families. Here each and every day perople keep on saying that being an amritdhari sikh, so you should do this or you should not do this. And more are they who will try to criticise – for example by saying – what is the need of covering your head.

    So amidst of such people, i wanted to know the concept that does it really matter to give so much importance to the rituals or its basically how much you are able to meditate the naam or be in love with the Almighty that matters. So seeing this blog and being impressed by the way Gurmustak singh is carrying on his life, i thought let me check from him. I wanted to know his opinion / concept. But the way, it went was never in my dreams. Anyways, it has been a learining experience and to quite an extent, i have been able to understand what i wanted to know.

    Once again thank you for making me realise my mistake. A true friend is the one who makes us learn and become better humans.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

  4. Cyberjeet says:

    Dear Anonymous,


  5. Cyberjeet says:

    Dear Balvinder ji,


    first of all congratulations that now you know what you wanted to know. Secondly, don’t take my comments personally. I talked about Arjan ji’s Kirpan missing because I actually noticed it which you also coincidentally noticed.

    Yeah your way of knowing the importance of rituals was not right but nwo you know it!

    See actually in the cyberspace one’s voice and tone, which are very helpful in real life, doesn’t matter. One has to express him/herself through words only. So one should be very careful while using them. Sometimes, one may unintentionally use words which could mean completely opposite of what he/she actually wanted to express.

    And talking about this case, If I wanted to know the importance of rituals, I won’t have talked about anyone. I would have straightly asked questions like, Does rituals matter? what the importance of rituals and many other questions like this.

    :-) so with this I conclude! and once again congrats for whatever you have achieved!!

    yeah a true friend is the one who makes us learn and become better humans. I agree with this. I also have learned so much from these two posts only!

    GBCMK (grammatical bhul chuk maaf karni!)