Arjan watching the sparklers burn…

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  1. a comment says:

    I hope you take this comment in good faith and I assure you I’m not at all trying to be malicious/petty, but Arjan Kaur doesn’t look like “Arjan Kaur” when she is with her family. I noticed in earlier pictures that she lost the dastaar when shopping and now in these pictures, there is no head covering what so ever. Everyone is free to do as they choose I suppose, but I feel that a dastaar isn’t a part-time thing and when visiting non-Sikhs, we shouldn’t compromise our identity. I apologise if this seems like I’m belittling, because that wasn’t at all my intention.

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like another neoconservative mocking liberal attitudes in religion.
    i guess exposing oneself and family in a blog like that will always invite critics.
    anyways i really look forward to photo updates in your blog

  3. Anonymous says:

    Waheguru, not about mocking ji. About rehit maryada of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. An amritdhari Gursikh should never be without their kakars. there is no liberal attitude, your either amritdhari or not, you cant chose when to be one and when not to. Just out of curiosity, do ‘american’ sikhs wear all their kakara?, i have seen some but others dont, especially a siri sahib?
    Bhul chuk maaf

  4. Anonymous says:

    All non-amritdhari sikhs will say, ignore the petty comments etc…. but to you there petty, to gursikhs there not, if you understood the rehit maryda you would NOT say this. And it is ok to correct people when you see they maybe making mistakes, cos thts what sikhs are ‘learners’. And it is our duty to help each other, even if it means saying a truth wich may upset someone, but better them in the long run.

  5. uk singh says:

    anonymous jus give these guys some space man- what they do has no bearing on what god has in store for u

    why do u spend time on this blog anyway-are u not wasting time u should be spending in meditation

    u see its ok for me i’m not amritdhari -i’m wasting my life anyway but why are u

    i think u have an ego problem

    i think u think u are better than me and these folk so that gives u a right to critisise

    tell me what mistakes have u made in the last 24 hours

    u see no one is perfect but i am beginning to think u might be

    pls send us ur list of bad deeds in the last 24 hours or 24 days or 24 months or 24 yrs ….

  6. uk singh says:

    o by the way anonymous

    i have seen boys attending akj uk events in full bana and then on off days wearing western clothes and different style turbans-is this also unpalatable for u

    also saw 1 chap getting married in full bana and doing kirtan at his wedding and then doing bhangra on the dance floor later in the evening -ie he was dressed differently in different points of time and space too

    also i know sikh leaders who wear the 5’s on show and then behave corruptly behind closed doors

    my point- u can look the look but not necessarily walk the walk

    sikhi is a state of mind rather than a catwalk -who knows if arjans state of mind is so chardikala that her connection with god is the same whether she wears her bana or not -like when she is in her pyjamas

    moreover sikhs in the world are on a spectrum- i am the lowest (and i am worse than filthy dogs) and some who are immaculate like u and some in between

    i think u are seeing all sikhs in your own perfect image but alas i apologise for the rest of us who
    do not match up to ur expectations

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rehit piyari muj ko sikh piyarah naheeee – The rehit, the discipline is dearer to me than the sikh, Rehit bina neh sikh kahavay, rehit bina dar chota khavay – without the rehit you are not a sikh, without rehit you will suffer hardship – Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj – Here you go UK Singh, this is what guru ji has to say about the bana, what you think people can be sikh wothout. people say tht the rehit doesnt matter if you are sikh from the heart – thats all crap, without rehit your not a sikh, simple, guru ji says so, if you were sikh truely from the heart then the rehit would follow automatically.
    im not saying im better or worse, im not a good sikh at all, but all i tried to say was rehit is dearer than life to a sikh (or should be), remember the shaheeds who died for the rehit……..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes and you are right Uk singh, i do have an ego problem, thank you for telling me, its amazing how you diagnosed it from my posts, which were based on truth, on sat about guru jis rehit maryada.
    I hope guru ji helps me understand, and blesses the sarbat

  9. uk singh says:

    anon…u missed the point big time

    i am not against any of guru ji s teachings or rehits

    i jus cant understand why are u so critical of people on this blog (gsk/family) when they do not claim anywhere to be the perfect gursikh family

    i am not trying to say that u can be gursikh without rehit and i agree rehit is dearer than life for a gursikh

    all i am saying is stop critising
    people who do not claim to be puran gursikh and who are just sharing their spiritual journey with us

    look ,if a dog like me started a blog and started sharing my life with u all-and being the lowest of the low as i am -no amrit just kara and kesh of the 5 k’s so far -but wanting to take my first steps on the long spiritual journey-i would want positive feedback and encouragement not daily critical comments

    clearly anyone wanting to follow the gursikh path will invest time in reading bani-learning its meaning and following the instructions incl rehit maradya

    depending on gurus grace this path could take seconds to years to several lifetimes to reach the other and desired end ie god/guru ji

    but in the meantime there will be 3 steps forward and 2 back

    my point is one needs to be aware of ones own progress/weaknesses and strengths and guru ji will guide and educate his follower himself because guruji/god is concerned about his own creation

    gsk/family are clearly educated and literate -they are responsible for their actions and accountable to god not u

    cut some slack and stop looking at this blog if it is so upsetting for u

    i say again not everyone is on the same spiritual level as u so why do u keep bashing on whilst others are trying to reach ur level

    do u see where i am coming from

    god bless a dog like me if i offend u or have got it all wrong

  10. uk singh says:

    anon veer ji or bhan ji

    i reiterate-i touch ur feet for any offense and god forgive a dog like me

    sat sri akal

  11. Anonymous says:

    Waheguru ji, bhaji, im sorry for comming across as critically analysing GSK and his family, my post about the rehit was a general post and not meant for them specifically, i was just trying to highlight the importance of the kakars. You are way more clued up than me on sikhi and have taught me alot tonite, thank you ji, I appologise to you. Please think of me as your younger brother and forgive me. And may guru ji bless you with his amrit.

  12. uk singh says:

    veer ji just pray for a dog like me

    your brother

    sat sri akal

  13. Anonymous says:

    why are you so obsessed that you are a dog…lol(no offence)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Burai Mera Che a Bahar Nei
    Sab Gobind Ha Sab Gobind Ha
    Hum Nehi Chengai Bura Nehi Koi
    If you cant see god in one you cant see god at all

    With that Khalsa Guru ka Fateh Guru Ki


  15. uk singh says:

    reply to..

    why are you so obsessed that you are a dog…

    what do ou mean ???……..woof ..

    jus joking ha ha ha ha …..

  16. duplicate post says:

    gosh, ummmm i know i’m going against the grain here and this topic is kinda old. and i really don’t want this to be a discussion thread blog.


    i think it’s silly for “us” to fight with eachother.

    i like gurumustak. he’s doing some great things and i wish he wasn’t alone (but it’s okay because’s we call a gursikh “faujan” “an army of one”) and he is an army of one.
    the person’s post that brought up the whole head covering issue was a legitimate post. please don’t just follow like a herd of sheep. have something constructive to say other than to keep using cliches and quotes. it’s not good to shunn your brother/sister just because they don’t think like you. because you know what we need everyone we’ve got and then some to battle the corrupt…we don’t have a billion or 2 billion that we can just ostersize because they follow the religion to the letter. we need more strong people like that. and i thank that person(i’m sorry if you’re not a woman) and i thank Gurumustak for bringing us sikhnet and this blog. i just wish that person hadn’t said anything…i don’t like negativity!

    i have nothing but good things to say about gurumustak and arjan and narayan (the cutie pie!).

    this is a great, great, great blog! everyone and i mean everyone who’s on here and sees this blog is in love with this blog because it’s soooooooo deep. it can act as a bridge that we’ve craved for so long (between east and west).i love it. actually gurumustak, this is taking time that i spend away from sikhnet :). btw, did you guys change the discussions look from a week ago cuz i can’t find a particular thread.

    have to go my little one’s crying!
    -ann (if you really want my email address, just ask)