Here I am again

Well… another day….and here I am back at the computer. It’s about 12noon and Kelly (Arjan’s sister isn’t feeling well) and Arjan is taking a nap. The humidity and the heat just make you want to sleep. Narayan is sneaking around impersonating Darth Vader which is pretty funny. Me and Gary (Arjan’s father in law) are just up in the house office chatting about all kinds of computer stuff. It’s fun to talk tech with other people. I love helping out and sharing good tips on stuff.

Me, Narayan and Arjan took another adventure into the backyard jungle. We brought a machete this time to cut through the vines and jungle. Arjan was hoping to see some deer or other animals, but I’m sure Narayan scared them all away with his Darth Vader sounds. hahaha.

Today is one of those cloudy, rainy, overcast days, which seems to be the norm here. I’m used to New Mexico weather which is sunny and clear skies almost all the time. Though we could definitely use some rain in New Mexico. I’ve been hoping it would get sunny so that we can go back to Arjan’s father’s house and do some “beach” activities like water skiing, swimming, and picnicking outside. Then in the evening we can have a camp fire and roast marshmallows. We’ll see what God has planned for this week!

5 Responses to “Here I am again”

  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Me and Gary (Arjan’s father in law)…’ ???
    Isn’t Gary, Arjan’s father? Or was it a typo?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You might be becoming Mr. Computer and neglecting Mrs. Sikhnet(Arjan Kaur) and Jr. Sikhnet (Narayan)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Gurumustuk, thanks for updating your blog diligently. I work on my computer all day long and its interesting to take time out to read what you been upto!

    Enjoy rest of your vacation!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Gurumustuk. Your blog has become a daily read for me and shows me how I can live my life as a sikh much better than I do right now.
    My son is about a month older than Narayan. It’s always a joy to see a father who so obviously loves his son as much as you and Arjan.
    Enjoy your time in Philadelphia and we all look forward to more updates.

  5. uk singh says:

    great blog gsk

    keep up the good work

    inspirational stuff