I’m here! Gainesville, Georgia.

Well… I am now officially on vacation and here I am again 12:50am (10:50PM NM time) adding pictures from some of the days events.

We left our house at 4:15am this morning to go to the airport and it was a struggle to stay awake while driving. I was so tired by the time we got to Georgia. Though…after a nap, some yoga and meditation I was feeling much better.

Most of Arjan’s family lives here in Georgia. This is our first stop. By the end of this trip you’ll know most of my family.

We pretty much just relaxed at Arjan’s father (Jack) house which is in a beautiful location along a lake. The highlight was taking the boat out to a certain part of the lake to watch 4th of July (Independance Day) fireworks. Hundreds of boats gathered to watch. Half way through, it started to rain, so it was quite adventuresome being out on the boat, raining, and watching the fireworks. Then when it was done, lightning started to get really bright. God doing his own fireworks. It then started to rain much harder. The tune of Gilligans Island popped in my head and made me laugh. We did however make it to the shore safely.

So..that’s it for today. You can see some pictures below. Over and out.

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