Universal Prayer by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Have you heard my mother’s beautiful CD, “Universal Prayer”? It is amazing (at least I think so!). If you listen carefully in some of the tracks you can here me singing backup male vocals. You can listen to some samples of the tracks and buy copies at SpiritVoyage.com or you can here the full tracks here (at the bottom of the page).

This may not be your style of music, but it sure is mine! The music had a lot of Gurbani woven into it and it is very appealing to a wide variety of people (especially non-Sikhs). Let me know what you think! My mother is currently working on her next CD release which should be out later this year. I’ve heard some rough drafts and it sounds great!

3 Responses to “Universal Prayer by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa”

  1. xSHANTIx says:

    i HAD to comment on this bcoz i bought this cd from spiritvoyage at christmas time and its beautiful…every song is jus soooooooooo nice and im SO excited right now that she is releasing a new album *dances around bedroom* its so awesome i cant wait..Waheguru bless your mother and her sweet voice i love her..please hug her for me. Blessings xSHANTIx

  2. Hardie says:

    Sat Sri Akal SinghJi
    I havent heard this particular one, but I have the universal mantra and I was spellbound, when I heard that one. Im sure Universal Prayer would be as gud as Universal Mantra.
    Waheguruji bless Sat Kirin Kaur Ji and help n guide her release many more albums and continue with her SEWA.

    God Bless us all…..

    Singh from Joburg

  3. Hari Jap says:

    This is quite the popular CD at Yoga Yoga, the yoga studio where I teach in Austin. Good luck to your mom and her new album!