It was amazing watch the clouds quickly come from the mountains and eventually cover everything till you can’t see anything anymore. In New Mexico…we don’t get heavy rain storms that often. Normally there are just a few rain clouds that get a small area. It is pretty common to have your house get rained on…and a few blocks away…no rain. So…being in a drought area…we welcome rain in all forms! Especially heavy rain!

Every year for the past 30 or so years we have had the summer solstice camp in the mountains..and it always seem to rain when we do the tantric yoga meditations. I heard an interesting thing the other day…that the local farmers know that when the “people in white” come during the summer…that the rains come. Must be all the meditation and prayers! Kind of like a rain dance :)

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  1. Jaspal Singh says:

    Your Son is very cute. I can sense that Waheguru has big plans for him.