Kirpan v/s Nail cutter in NSW Parliament

Here is an email that was forwarded to me that I thought was interesting:

“Dear Guru Pyareo,
I would like to share my recent experience with our Kirpaan in NSW Parliament.

On the evening of wednesday, the 25th May 05, I was invited to attend Vesak day (Buddha Jayanti) celebrations at NSW Parliament which was attended by Governor of NSW, Premier of NSW and at least 5 Ambassodors and Councillor General of various countries including Pakistan and various Ministers and speaker of NSW Parliament.

Of couse there was a tight security arrangements. But to my great surprise, the security officer knew about the knife legislations and religious exemption. I was asked to go through metal detector as usual. My body was thoroughly checked as is done at the international airport. With a smile on his face, the security office gladly allowed me to enter the Parliament with Kirpan. However, he politely said that I am not allowed to take the nail cutter which I had in my pocket. He took the nail cutter from me and gave me the receipt.

I collected the nail cutter on my return.

Kulbir Singh”

One Response to “Kirpan v/s Nail cutter in NSW Parliament”

  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

    Nice to hear that more are people are getting aware of out customs and practices, thanks to briliant efforts of you all.

    Gurpreet Singh
    Autin, TX