Morning Bhangra Class/Workout

In the morning after Sadhana Ravi Kaur taught people how to do Bhangra. It was a pretty good workout! Ravi always choreographs some great dances.

3 Responses to “Morning Bhangra Class/Workout”

  1. sami says:

    That was really good. It was great to watch people dancing on bhangra tunes..

  2. Hardie says:

    Wow!! That was absolutely mind blowing….. Really nice to see people dancing on Bhangra tunes….bhangra Roxx

    Singh from Joburg

  3. Turbo says:

    Congratutulations on sharing with us the real spirit of bhangra – energizing, excitibg, fun… what can I say? This is very unlike the so called bhangra at ‘reception parties’ where people seem to be drinking alcohol freely.