Travel to the UK? Elsewhere?

Do youth camps or Gurdwaras sponsor individuals to come to Sikh camps from other countries, To teach or to participate?

In the past few months I have met (virtually and in person) so many different Sikhs from the UK. I have been feeling a real connection with so many of Sikhs who live there. And people keep saying how I should come and visit the UK (Which I would love to do). I really feel the need to network with other Sikhs. There is a lot to learn and to share with each other.

So…if you know a way to help make this happen or just have some ideas, please do send me an email. I know international travel is expensive which can make it hard, but I am putting it out there to the infinite. I somewhat jokingly tell my friends… that the Guru is my travel agent, and that when he books my tickets than I go somewhere. So…we’ll see if the time is right.


4 Responses to “Travel to the UK? Elsewhere?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk Singh!!!!!!! You must come to KHALSA CAMP! That is the most uplifting camp in the entire UK. Please visit

  2. Anonymous says: is the best camp in the UK and i will surely be there. Hope to see you there Gurumustuk Singh.

  3. Turbo says:

    Actually, I was thinking the reverse – it would be really interesting to visit you and see Espanola.

    Incidentally, I think I’m spending far too much time reading your Blogg (compliment)!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bhaji don’t forget about http://WWW.SIKHICAMP.COM, it is organised by B.O.S.S which is the organisation incharge for arranging events for ALL Universities in the UK.

    Anyway there are loads of camps in the UK, all are great